Friday, June 29, 2012

Keep going

Just something I found that I meant to post the others day, but it feels like it is right for today. Sometimes when we start something, we feel all full of promise...excited... The first couple of days are great. You know, like the first couple of days on a diet or a workout thingy. I guess I had hoped today would feel like that.

I was wrong.

Holy crap, I have never lifted so much ever. Much of it pretty well, some of it not so much. I could not actually get through the entire thing exactly as it was written, but BJ was there to give me a rather pointed reminder that this program is not about lifting exactly as the numbers are on the page, but rather to keep me lifting as much as possible as often as possible. I will become a better lifter, I will feel great when I am able to really handle a snatch (stop it....), I will get stronger. We will work on this together and make adjustments as we need to so that it works for me. I needed to hear that. Just because I "like" to lift doesn't mean I am good at it yet or that this program is easy. It would not be worth doing if it was going to be easy.

As I struggled through the working sets of the squats, I had to remind myself "you asked for this."

Yes I did. Why at this very moment I cannot quite remember. :) I will head back tomorrow.... Do a different set of lifts and try to be patient with myself.

I did get to play with the Captains of Crush hand squeeze doo dads...that was cool...and I felt pretty good about where I am on the bench press. Such a new lift for me.

So for details, I'll get those down tomorrow maybe. I just wanted to thank Will, Pamela, Faith, Patsy, Kim, Mark, Lora, Pierre, and of course BJ for believing that I can take on these next three months. I will do my best to remember to smile and laugh through this, because as my friend and very first coach Crow used to remind me, "be grateful you can move Mona, just be grateful you can move."

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