Monday, June 11, 2012

Dang my butt....

So, today is day four of my self imposed 30 day challenge. The first two days I had wicked nasty cravings for sugar hit about mid afternoon. Sunday, I gave into the craving by eating some dried fruit. Then I found the blueberries. I can't seem to stop eating blueberries. Hey, at least it isn't chocolate, right?
I know that in a week or so the fruit cravings will subside as well. Hell, not that fruit is bad or anything, I just know that eating a boat load of fruit isn't the best of choices.
The big thing....the really important thing I hands. Yes my hands. They are different today. I had not noticed that they looked different. Dang it, I had not noticed that the joints in my fingers had been just a little swollen. I also noticed the effect of this swelling(or lack there of) yesterday when I was throwing hammers. I actually had to loosen my grip. I guess I had not noticed the gradual insidious swelling.
Oh well...I knew what I needed to do and I am doing it. I also know its so much easier this time since this isn't a completely new way of eating...just a reboot.
I still see this as a guideline, I will work at these 30 days, but I also know I will have chocolate, booze, and sushi at some point. I just won't be casual about it again.

Work out was super duper fun tonight. The only way to make running fun is to break it up with heavy dead lifts. It wasn't running was sprinting. Well, by the final run, it was more like a saunter for me....ha!
I really liked the hang snatch that flowed directly into two over head squats. My lifting partner and I started with the bar, finished at 85. I was happy with it. And I know I am sounding like a broken record, but seriously good, clear, specific corrections. Love it!
Got teased for hogging plates for the dead lifts because I could make up my mind about how heavy I wanted to go. I finally settled on 175. A total of 30 dead lifts, but.....I really could have gone heavier...maybe...the sprinting took a lot out of me.
I am still not quite well. I wonder now, if this illness is lingering because of the smoke from all the fires. Who knows? I am getting itchy to get back to more lifting and to the other fun training techniques that BJ and I have talked about. Soon.

The best part of this challenge? I am not alone, Pierre is giving it a shot too. I cannot tell you how great it feels to be doing this together.
I think I am gonna eat some blueberries before bed...mmmmm, blueberries.

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