Wednesday, June 13, 2012



A year or so back I rambled on about the concept of people in my life who behave like know the type...Just as you start to see some light at the top of the bucket, they pull at your leg and drag you back in. Usually, while they are telling you that what you are reaching for isn't safe, or right, or healthy...blah blah blah.

Well, one of the major crabs in my life...who for reasons of income I cannot get loose from yet....really hit me with a good one today.

Me, "Eating bananas in the summer is tricky...they ripen so fast."

They, "I don't think bananas are even good for you when they are too ripe."

Me, "Well, at least it keeps my sweet tooth at bay."

They, "You eat too much fruit."

Me, "....."

They, "That banana smells awful, can you eat it outside?"

Me, "I'm done."

They, "All those fruit sugars are really bad for you, all that fruit is really too much."

Me, "......." 

I had one banana.  ONE.

I walked away and reminded myself...this exchange has nothing to do with me....smiled to myself walked back in...

and wrote it down.

Thank you, I feel better now, even with all this fruit sugar running through my brain....


  1. It wasn't me....I like bananas of all kinds.

  2. You are funny...I can't keep enough bananas in the house for you....