Monday, April 30, 2012

handing myself over....

So this weekend, I went to a games....with out the normal crew. I went out to Oklahoma to the Iron Thistle Festival.

I signed up for these games for two reasons:

1. I need 5 games before I get my booty kicked around at the Master's Games.
2. My best friend in the world lives in Norman.

My oh my, I am so glad I went....bunches of reasons.

Absolutely beautiful throwing area....there were actually three throwing areas.  When we first got there, we looked at the field and thought, holy crap this is small....Even after I realized the hammers we in a different spot I still couldn't find the height events.  The were hidden by trees!  So green, so pretty.  I was so nervous.  I thought as we were walking in that I had made a HUGE mistake. I didn't know anyone...I mean, so far in this short little journey of mine, I have met the greatest folk  and Pierre reminded me that he was sure it would be the same here.  He was right of course, but change makes me a little jittery...and sadly a little stand-off-ish.

We were supposed to start the day with stones, but we got moved to hammers...well I sucked worse than sucking at hammers.  I was throwing about 10-15 feet off of what I usually throw and not even close to the practice throws for the last month.   I looked at Pierre and I said, " after all that practice I have been doing?  what the hell...I quit."

You see, I was feeling all this pressure to do well...

I didn't want to disappoint Grant & Chuck, I didn't want to disappoint the kids, and this being the first time he has seen me compete...I really wanted to do well so Pierre could see why I do this. I had also started a training program and just wanted to have the change in my training pay off.

Turns out~all self imposed.  I know that...oh well.  We went to cabers next...cabers aren't bad...I can do cabers.  Well, turns out I can't.  Ok so...well...more suckage,

What's after lunch?  Sheaf my friends...sheaf.  super more oh my...I saw some form I had never seen....some tweeks on form I had never seen and some beautiful throws.  Beautiful.  I finally start to accept that me and my bacon socks just blow...I let go and just laugh at my own suckiness.  As it turns out, I got 18 feet, which matched my PR in Tucson. So, for me that's not too bad.  It also made me want my own fork.  Yes I said it.  I WANT A FORK.

Then Weight Over Bar.  Again...I over think it and only leave with 14...same as Tucson.  I swear to god I can throw that thing 16 feet when the bar is at 12....I might be wasting throws...or just freaking myself out. The day ended on stones then WFD.  After my screwy hammers and cabers....I was super duper happy with stones.  I got a PR in Open Stone...I cracked 30 feet...I thought I was gonna cry.  I did take a huge fall on my first throw, but got back up and threw the 30.  Weight for distance was weird...heavy?  Couldn't do it....light?  threw a PR...last event.  Almost 60' weird.

My favorite part of the day was having Pierre there.  He was not disappointed and he could finally see what I see in this crazy thing I do.  This sport has not been easy for the two of us~on our marriage, but now we can share it. My other favorite thing?  During Sheaf (god I hate sheaf) I heard someone say to Pierre..." you are the biggest 'Pierre' I have ever met."  I heard him laugh in a way that I knew everything was ok... he was ok, I was ok, this sport was ok, and we are better that we have ever been.

Now if I could just throw a hammer better.