Thursday, June 7, 2012

getting back to something....

Went back to work last night...well, this whole time I have been sick, I haven't missed the pay me to sit at a desk work....but I did try to workout last night.  I decided that I wanted to at least move a little, so I went to the gym to just do the warm up.  I seem to have gotten the hit form BJ that this sort of thing is ok.  I just let him know when I walked in that I didn't think I'd do the workout and since he didn't give me an evil eye or a sneer I figured this was cool.  I opted for rowing instead of running for the warm up...he said...yeah...I don't want to see you lose a lung on the floor or I guessed right about him...YIPPIE.

Dammit...even after a week, it was so hard to get moving.  When I was done, BJ and I had a short little conversation that the strength work would probably not kill me, so I stayed.

7 X 1 front squats
 DB Snatch 4 attempts to a one rep max...only counts if you can complete the snatch with both hands.

So, I warm up with the bar... then I get to lift with Kelly and Faith!

I start light, cause I don't really know how I am gonna feel.  65.  fine. 95.  fine.  125. fine. 145. fine.

Then I pop to 175.  It felt...clean..simple.  Now 195 is my one rep max on a front squat... BJ had been watching us and he said..that looked easy.  So I figure...200 has been my sticking point so I slap on 25.  I drop easily enough...the weight doesn't even really feel all that heavy...but I dump it forward.  I try again...I don't get it up again.  I am guessing it is one of two things.  I might be rounding my back a bit, dropping too far against my heals  and losing the power at the bottom.  I noticed that when I go light, that I think I am relying on a bounce against my heals to pop me back up...well, when I get heavy I can't cheat with that pop. The second thing it could be?  MY HEAD.  I think if I let someone else load the bar and tell me it is 185 when they have loaded 225...I bet I would get it up without thinking.

hmmm, how to defeat that voice myself is the question of the day.

Then I moved to the DB snatches. Now, I have done kettle bell snatches, but it is a little different with a dumb bell.  I start at 30, then 40, then 50, then 60.  Again, BJ looks at me and says, that was easy wasn't it.

Sigh...I underestimated myself again.  I still think 60 was pretty good, especially since the form was nice and clean~and fast. 

Then....I was done....I hit a wall.  I am glad I got to move yesterday.... This morning, I see this little gem all over facebook...I like it.  you might too.

Squat Myths

I am also thinking about jump starting my eating by doing the Whole 30 program.   I have to say, I am not eating what I know is best for me. I am making lazy choices and it is beginning to hurt. I also kinda like the attitude they have about it. "This isn't hard...quitting heroin is hard."

I may start Friday...anyone else do this before? or wanna join me?


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