Monday, June 25, 2012


1 rep max
5 reps to get there
3 lifts

3 lifts
3 PRs



I beat each of my PRs by 10 pounds. I could say, "that isn't much, why don't I make huge numbers."

But not so long ago, ten pounds on a scale would drive me nuts. Drop ten pounds? Not enough. Gain ten pounds? Felt like a failure. 10 pounds would ruin my day.

Now I choose to load 10 more pounds on a lift and see the success... See the long road to get those 10 pounds on that remember that 2 years ago I had never lifted at all....10 pounds at a time added to the bar? Yes...because it is not the numbers, it's the journey to those numbers.

These lifts today? Done well, I trust that now. If I only ever add 10 at a time, but lift with good form? That is ok by me.

205;125;335;10;10;10;5;3;1 = me, but they do not define me. They are after all, just numbers.

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