Thursday, December 18, 2014

time for some finger pointing...

'cause god knows it ain't my fault.

CAT Deadlift 5×1 @ 95% of Training Max
Plyometrics...this was some hamstring thinggy then 5 jumps over a hurdle
5 Rounds (6)
Bear Crawl down
10 Athletic burpees
Power towel caterpillar down and back  (WTF)
Triple Jump Back, jog it out to the end

I was slow warming up into the deads... had to do 315.  which I did.  In between each dead we had to do that pylo stuff. 

I was really pleased that the 315 did not feel all that heavy.  I have not been feeling hands are shifting between hot pain and numb.  And well, that makes me depressed and moody and scared.  I figured I would not do them at that weight when I walked in the gym, but I did....

now for the finger pointing.

The jumping crap.  I can't jump...I know I started on the 18" hurdle....

I went back to my bar and was watching Will lift....(he is also dealing with some physical crap) and I remembered something he said to me while I was having a particularly nasty day.  I was struggling with a stone and I said something under my breath.  Well he heard me...And he shook me out of the head space and I got the stone up.  Later he said something to me like...I am not going to let you say "I can't" in front of me.

There are lots of things I can't do in the gym...LOTS...but it reminded me that there is a difference, however small, between I can't and I can't yet....or at least~~I can work towards it even if I never get it.

ANYWAY....I kept watching Will (yea....a gym stalker) and I decided to go higher on the stupid hurdles.  I did ask a couple of folks to tell me if I was clearing it or not.  By my estimation, I was barely I moved to the 21"  ....then the last set of 5 I did at the 27" hurdle.

I know that is no big deal to many of you...who cares right?  But yet again, I walked in that gym today KNOWING that I don't jump...I CAN'T jump.  But I decided to listen to Will....cause if he heard me say I can't again....sigh.

So it really is Will's fault that I can jump a 27" hurdle.

True...I only got one round of the rest of that insanity in...I had to go back to work....I am so slow...

PLEASE no more jumping paired with heavy dead lifts....ahhhh...

I need a cookie.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

nerves and numbers

Thought I might miss my dead lifts today due to working with Paul...but I shall be fine...I'll just hit the gym late.

So...he was playing on my last nerve today. No not really...but in his opinion there was some tangle with my collar bone...then in to my ulnar nerve.  He pulled and moved and pressed and cajoled the arms. It isn't perfect, but I can say my hands are warm again.   As for the feet...I cant remember...flexion blah blah...see how your foot is pointed for no reason...mangled the spaces between the bones in my foot....pushy pushy...and the neck too...lean here....pull this rib...

I have "homework" and I have to go back in two weeks, see if the homework helps.

I hope so....I was upset yesterday after the gym...multiple reasons...but my hands were at the top of that list.

On a completely different note...I was goofing off on NASGA yesterday and I suddenly was wondering how much the Women's Masters class has grown since I started in I know this isn't the end all be all of lists...but I was sorta blown away by what I saw.

2011 there are 28 women ranked under women' masters.
2012 there were 48
2013 there were 66
In 2014....


come on...



WHAT? How awesome is that?  Makes me wonder how much the sport has grown overall in that time and which class has grown the most. But I am a much simpler numbers person than that.

I am thrilled that the class went from 28 to just over 100 in 4 years! I am lucky as Hell to count myself amongst your numbers ladies.

So...... I had to at least look at the numbers for the category "all women."

Ready for it?


Ok ladies.  This rocks...


Next time someone says there are not enough women to justify a class....just picture this happy cat and laugh at how ill informed they are.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Having a blast with this new programing at the gym.  It is a 9 week thing...CAT....meant to make you focus on the final piece of the know....speed at the top.  

Second law: The vector sum of the forces F on an object is equal to the mass m of that object multiplied by the acceleration vector a of the object: F = ma.
I get the feeling it is a focus thing...I am trying and frankly I am treating it like I am "throwing" every lift.


Time has been removed from the work outs as well...there may be a time limit, but the idea of moving fast to get shit done is being replaced with do the shit RIGHT asshole...which, I kinda like.  But the workouts have been crazy....

Yesterday I was especially off my nut...I had a blast...even though I had to run...both in the warm up and the work out.  During the sprinty workout thinggy I really tried to push it and much as I sprint( like a drunk hippo).  The result?  I was coughing shit outta my lungs all freaking day.

I haven't been writing much....I kinda feel like the personal stuff has been edited out of my blog...even though, well, it IS my blog. Some of this is because I am sorta sick of myself...sick of my body issues.... and you can read what I am doing if you go on the Zia web page.....and some of this is because I am frankly a coward.

I wait too long to say things and then I build all these stories up around what will happen if I do speak...


I am seeing Paul this week too....the numb thing is back and it is worse.  On Sunday it had crept up my forearms and my feet too....I know it might be inflammation from food, but I have been eating'll see if there is a nerve thing going on.  I hope so, even though I have chosen not to believe that Doc from a few years ago, when I start dropping stuff and can't feel my fingers...her words sorta ring through my head.

I shall keep my numb fingers crossed that Paul and I can figure this out and I can avoid what ever disaster my mind keeps focusing on....