Thursday, June 21, 2012

blah blah..paleo, blah blah lifting.

So the new place I am training has this HUGE wall of dumb bells....I am not used to using them at all, but we used them twice already this week.  Huge learning curve for me.  I like them...there is this tricky thing that needs to engage in a whole new way.  Now, don't get me wrong, I like kettle bells too....but the one hand snatch or especially a clean with  KB is much easier in comparison to the imbalanced feel of the dumb bell.  On Monday, we did this wicked workout that was split jerk with dumb bells and toes to bar.  Holy Moly...the work I had to do to keep the weights in line instead of splaying out and behind my head was something brand new.  Then on Tuesday?  this dumb bell complex thinggy,  Clean, front squat, push press, front squat, push press....each arm,  ten rounds.  There was a penalty for putting the weight down.  Burpees, ugh.  Just in case you went light so as to avoid the penalty....if you never put the weight got 25 burpees.

Again...the different set of muscles need to keep that damn bell balanced was tricky and difficult.  I looked at what one of the women in the morning of the women I know is super strong and I often try to emulate (yes I am looking at you Kim) and she did 25.  I thought that sounded heavy..then 2 of the women in my class grab 40...40!  What the hell...Patsy looked at me and said...I'm using 40, you can too.  I grabbed one...heavy...I was just about to walk it back, when Will looked at me and said, that's about right for you.


Now I know Patsy and Faith are not large like I am, but they are so strong.  Sooo fast, fit and strong.

So we all just start ticking away...I get through round 5 before I drop the damn thing. Three more rounds, drop it again...then I finish...I think last as usual. But...well, whatever. I am glad I pushed it.  I really worked at finding how to work with this thing...worked at keeping good form and deep squats.  I let go of feeling slow and thanked Will for encouraging me to go heavy.

Yesterday?  Squats....  I didn't PR, but I felt better about my back squat than I have...ever.

3 x 125
3 x 155
3 x 185....this was hard by the last rep.
1 x 205
1 x 225..failed on this one
1 x 225...oh this one felt good, my chest was up, I got low, but not too low, and my knees stayed strong.  So even though it was 10 pounds off my 1rep max, it felt cleaner than I have ever done a heavy squat before.  Made me feel a little less afraid about this up coming training program. Will also gave me some corrections to my form that I need to practice with something light...I know it will help in a big way.

As for my challenge...I am still on track and happy I am.  I got a little annoyed with how my skin had reacted.  I broke out something terrible the first week...but now my skin looks better too.  I am not eating as much as I did the first week either.

Looking forward to the weekend...I am helping with a throwing clinic in Farmington...hee hee.  I kinda wormed my way into that, I wanna help the women throwers up there...  like I have been helped.

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