Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Crabbiness

More entertainment from the crab....

Some how a discussion was started about the fact that women who are either starting, in, or through the process of menopause lose bone mass.

Me:  Osteoporosis runs in my family, but I am not really worried any more because of the amount of weight training I do.

They: I do weight training too.

Me: Great, when did you start?  how much are you doing it?

They: I have been doing Pilates for two years.  That is weight training.

Me: What?  I thought it was a stretching kind of thing?

They: We use a machine, in fact it is better that regular weight training,  I have to use my BODY WEIGHT. I don't get hurt either.  I don't end up sore like you.  I also won't get you will.

Me: I know it is a great system, I just don't think it is the same as lifting wieghts.

They: It isn't, it's is all of my body weight...not just a little weight on a bar.  If you like getting bulky..I just don't want to look like a man.

Me: each their own (I walk away and do a face palm)

Last night:

 Back Squat, Bench Press, Snatch, Good mornings, Crush work

Did not really get through all of the working sets (5 reps at 200) The last time I picked up the bar, I felt my back say...hmmmm you are done.  Bench press went well for me...I got 6 reps on the last working set of 110.  Snatch..same problem, it gets heavy~I get scared...I was also wiped from all the previous lifting. BJ told me to use a trick he had learned.  If as I go heavy, I fail to get under the bar, hold it, then do an overhead squat.  It lets the body and the mind know that you can get under the weigh.

So, whats on the agenda for tonight?  a rest? no. since the gym is closed on the 4th..I am gonna do the Wednesday program tonight!

Press, Deadlift, Push press, Back Extensions

The press working sets are at 105, Deads at 300, push Press at 125....

And I still can't have a beer post workout...not til Friday.


  1. I'm a broad-shouldered Pilates junkie, Mona. Pilates helped me rehabilitate from a herniated disc--it's the best for spinal health and core strength. I went to physical therapy and then used a book called "Pilates for Men."

    But will Pilates maintain bone mass, especially in women who are prone to osteoporosis? Probably not as well as weight-bearing exercise. Your spine has to support serious mass to maintain its strength, or it will atrophy.

    I once read that many marathon cyclists suffer from osteoporosis. "WHAT? They ride several hundred miles a week, have the lungs of an elephant and they have osteoporosis?" Many do, because they sweat out huge amounts of calcium which they do not replenish, AND while they have legs of steel, their spines do not support their bodies while they bike.

    Endurance mountain-bikers do not seem to suffer from this as much, as they must muscle their bikes through rocky trails.

    1. I am serious about the "to each their own" thing concerning exercise....It doesn't matter what I bring up in regard to health...this particular crab in my life ALWAYS cut down what I do.


  2. Hi Mona,
    As an exercise physiologist myself, I can confirm what Steven said about bone density problems in cyclists. The issue is that their exercise is non-weight bearing and non-impact. Despite the volume of exercise, it doesn't create the loads on skeleton necessary to maintain or increase bone density.
    As for the "crab" who always seems to dis what you do, I always say "nothin' wrong with bein' strong!" I don't have any research at hand comparing bone density of Pilates exerciser vs strength exercisers--such research is likely very hard to conduct given the confounding variables. However, one of my respected colleagues who has studied oxygen consumption of yoga and Pilates has found that it is more like moderate cardio than strength exercise. That is, it can meet the scientific definitions for cardio if done long enough and challenging enough. And the "getting bulky" misconception continually makes me want to scream.
    Thanks for your post! Teresa Merrick, Bellevue, NE