Monday, May 19, 2014

Rio Wrap up

Today's workout

Back Squats 4×5  got to 215
3 rounds for time  10:05
400m run~I rowed, my knee is wonky today.
3 Muscle Cleans @ 95/65
3 Forward lunges each leg (w/bar) @ 95/65~these suck.
6 Push Press @ 95/65

Odd workout....but it was good to go today.  I remember when I started games four years ago that I had to take 3 days or more off after...I don't do that any more.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't too sore yesterday.  Well, except for the place I got whacked with a caber.  Yes you heard me right.  I got hit with a caber.

On the field?

Why, no...while I was helping Grant load the cabers on the trailer on Friday.  Oh was either Baconator or Joe Harris.  I had the light end and the heavy end was up on the rail of the the heavy end dropped the light end bounced against my leg.  I had one of those moments when you don't move and try to internally access the damage.  All I could think was...did this freaking break my leg, I know, I know...that's a little dramatic...but it hurt....I got ice on it pretty quick, but as of today I still cannot put full weight on my right leg.  Which, for those of yo who throw, know that it makes it difficult to throw a stone or Weight for Distance.  My knee is a little off too...probably from the caber whack.

So the first things first...a huge thank you to Chuck and all the folks who help with set up, tear down, registration...and all the other things I am unaware of.  And can I just say...having a dedicated food vendor for the athletes is AWESOME...and the food was good too....and they gave out PR cookies.

Yes ~PR cookies for the athletes.

No...I did not get any.

Also, I need to thank Michelle and know why....I am humbled by your support and love.

 Ok...threw with Grace, Donna, and you know there might be trouble.  Grace was beyond amazing...she was throwing with bronchitis...really...and she started the day off with a pr.  Yes...yes she did.  Donna was kicking booty on sheaf too...and Michelle is moving closer and closer to lifetime PR numbers...people...she's been throwing for 20 out!

I threw ok....Sheaf was alright.  Cleared 21'  pulled it up to 23' hoping for a pr...which yes I know is stupid, cause I said it didn't matter and that wasn't my goal...but it was close.  I didn't get it.  Started throwing sheaf for distance.

WOB....felt great to throw the 21...but my timing is off.  Only cleared 17'  but...that isn't too shabby.


Heavy  45'  (21)

Light  57'

Not bad, not great...light was a little sad...ha...I like to clear at least 60...

Stones? leg hurt....but I did work on the spin....

Braemer was 23+  Open....27?  I forgot to write that one down.   

After stones, Grant pulled me aside and said something to me about being disappointed....  I realized I was sorta sliding into that territory....which is crazy...I kinda just laughed at myself with him and headed to hammers.

HH  64'

LH 83'

Was really happy with my light...heavy felt ok, but wasn't as far as it "felt."  I think I was getting some of Dan McKim's energy as he was busy setting a new World Record in the hammer cage next to mine!  IT WAS AMAZING.

Caber was Kookie..we did Gertie at the end...she is light...light....light....but LOOOOONG, 16 feet and at that point the wind had come up. She was tough!

I did turn her three times.


I had a whole bunch of the Zia coaches and folks show up, but since there were only 4 of us was had finished the day before they got there...oooops.....thanks you really are the best gym out matter what the rumors are....  Kidding.

Got to hang with Edie and Heather and Michelle in the beer tent too...talking lifting, training, and chin hair. 

And my son came out too...he wanted his girlfriend to see the crazy thing he has done...he seemed genuinely happy to be show her something new.... I was thrilled. PR's.

Am I disappointed? Well, with Stones, for the rest of the day? Absolutely not. I threw average to high average in most things and I dealt with the caber well....with very little working out lately and even less training and too much emotional goo.  I think I am actually in a decent place to start some hard core stuff in two weeks once the show is open.  This was only my second game of the year~after a substantial break with very little practice.

Starting points are good..knowing where I am now and where I need to be in September is great.  All I gotta do is put in the work.

Friday, May 9, 2014

I know I've said it before, but.....

I may be old, but I am slow....and weak...and trying my best right now.

Front Squats 4×4
3 rounds, :45 work/:15 rest, max effort of each
Ring Plank
Slam Balls
Double Unders
Sit-up with wall throw

First things first...whomever came up with this...I loved it, but there is a big fat lie in the middle of it.  There was no 15 second rest.


Warm up almost killed me...cause as you know I have not been working out...then the front squats.  Will says they are not ascending, but to do them all at 80% of our one rep max.  So I go to the handy chart and almost start to cry (I am more than a little depressed today).  I look at him and say, " I lied about my one rep max a couple of weeks ago. There is no way I can lift this."  In his beautiful Will way...he sorta laughs me off.

SO I warm up with the bar....My left knee feels like shit....then 135....then I load 210.  That's my 80%

I'm lifting next to Sheila...who is having to cross her arms to lift since she over worked her hard to do that!

Anyway...I do my first set and it feels...HEAVY...and sigh...I have a minor little accident. know what I mean; a middle aged, having had two children sorta accident. 

So...I kinda don't wanna lift anymore.  But I know I gotta try again.  I play that game in my head where I pretend that I only have 185 on the bar.  It helps, but really, the only reason I got through all four sets was because of Sheila & Will.  I would have bailed if Will had not coached me up...especially on my last set.  I was coming up on rep three and I did that nasty snake kinda push up through the lift thingy...but the fourth rep was good...'cause Will was talking me through it and Sheila was just assuming I could do it. 

Then that workout...first thing out of my mouth was I can't do this ring plank thing...I didn't think I said it that loudly, but Will was behind me and he said I bet you can.  Well...I didn't do all 45 seconds all three rounds, but damn..I did hold it the first round.  Really.  I can tell you looking at that today I knew with full certainty I would not even try it...that there was no way I could do it.

I was wrong.  At least I was wrong about something "good" this time.

I only got 143 reps or something....but I also used the 40 ball for slam balls.  Have I mentioned how much I love working out with Beth during these kinds of workouts?  She did hold the ring planks for all three rounds by the way...AMAZING...and Brittany got something like 289 reps. Whaaaa????

See...I may be old, but I am slow.

Walked in the gym feeling depressed and sorta defeated and lonely, but walked out having done something I didn't know I could do and feeling honored to workout near these fantabulous super supportive people.

AND....I get to see my little monkey tonight!  wheee...Kegan!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Cannot even remember the last time I wrote.

Had a stretch of time there when I couldn't say anything nice, so I said nothing.  And not just about the obvious things going on...but about myself either...

But as I suspected, I have moved through some of it.  Funny how life works, isn't it.

The house has been god we got the shaft after fees and all that.  I can't imagine that I will ever buy again after that experience.  Also....Because we were in a rush, we did not shop for an agent....just went with the first suggestion.

Probably a mistake....certain companies....well...they are for certain "levels" of client and when you are not "that client" not sure they have real time for ya.

Grabbed the keys yesterday and I had to double check they were mine...they were light.  I looked at what I was holding and it hit me keys were gone.

Miss my pups something fierce too....I can't imagine I will ever own another dog. 

Worked out ONCE last week...Once so far this week.

Spoke a little with BJ....gonna just Crossfit for a while...until the show is up and running.  No use setting myself up to fail on programing.

Gotta let myself learn from allllll these other failures first.

I'm in a happy place still....can you tell?

But, really, I am.....or at least I know it is coming.  Everything shifts.