Monday, March 14, 2016

lifts and game

Okie dokie, week 3 of the squat program.

I'm at the 6x4 stage at 80%

That felt super hard.  80% is 255 pounds at this point for me.  Surprising to me that a year ago I had a one rep at 350...and this 255 feels....spine tearing.  Well, not week it is sets of 5.  Gary assured me that this week feels the worst.  He also said that if I stick to the program, lots of people add about 5% to their one rep.  Seems soooo far off, but I am working on it.

OH I haven't wet my pants yet either, so that's good.

What I did find today was that I got deeper and deeper in my squat with each set.

Did some hang cleans and some seated box jumps too.  I love those.  They suck and are fantastic.  I get to sit....but then I have to jump.  I am able to use the 24" box,  I think it's pretty good. The thing that cracks me up about these seated box jumps?  It is hard to get off the

Have my first game of the year this up coming weekend...Phoenix.

Gonna be odd....this is the game that when I came home last year....I had my major heart incident that lead to surgery.  Kinda cool.  Kinda nervy.  I'll say this expectations are low...for the game.  Well, low sounds negative...they are in line with where my training is.

That's a good thing.

I won't beat myself up for not throwing big focus is form and not getting hurt.  Oh, also seeing how a full day goes again.

I made a huge mistake last Fall.  I should NOT have thrown at the Master's game or in Aztec.  I was no where near prepared physically for that.  Well...I should not have thrown Pleasanton either.  Those games set me back...I left the "season" in a lot of pain; threw in too much pain too.

This year is different..I don't have a season.

3 games, maybe 4.

So..I will focus on rebuilding strength and rebuilding my mind as well.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

off site training

So, since I moved to the bustling town of Rio Rancho, I have been using a program called Train Heroic.  I really like the app...they are still rolling things out, tweaking, fixing bugs...but it is a way for BJ to write my programming and keep track of me.

This was especially helpful shortly after surgery during my super duper recovery workouts.

I have made no secret of the fact that I am not super fond of working out without my Praxis Crew.  I have been doing ok until recently.  I have dropped to 2-3 days.  So this week...there was nothing in my Train Heroic I just decided to go into Praxis on Monday...then Tuesday...nothing..Wednesday....nothing...back to Praxis.

I walk in and ask BJ."So what the heck, do you miss me or what?"

BJ: "yeah...."

Ok what am I doing today.....

And guess what Thursday....nothing in the I go again today.  I know he has started me on a 10 week squat I knew the main lifting thing....then he brings me a slip of paper with the rest.  When I leave, he asks if I will be there tomorrow...yeah...Ok...

I can go back to the other gym next week.

This has been a great week in the gym...I have worked harder than I have in a while...and I have been jumping again.  Yeah, I have been doing seated box jumps. Today I used a 24" box. Fat girl can still jump. My heart went up up up and came down...I worked...I did hammer drills...I lunged.

I don't know if BJ really did this, but today I had the distinct feeling that he didn't put stuff in the app to make me come in.......I don't think he would tell me directly...but BJ just threw me a rope.

Working out doesn't fix everything...but it does remind me that moving is better than not moving. That caring for myself isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

And 6 reps of 2 at 255.....feels good.