Tuesday, July 21, 2015



hmmm, in regard to what woman?

ok, well....let's stick with the working out thing here shall we?

I am up to 4 days of lifting a week....I am not really throwing at all yet. I am still having icky pain in my groin when I do. This past week I have also been having more pain in my chest.

Maybe I just miss my kids.

I'll try to throw Sunday....I missed the Portland Games and I will miss Enumclaw.  Juli set 2 world records and a bunch of personal bests in Portland!!  She is on fire and an inspiration.  Trains her butt off, always tweaking form...I really do admire her drive and skill.  It is a thing of beauty. I am gonna try not to get all maudlin next weekend during Enumclaw.....what a group of women throwing in the master's class.

JULl PETERSON* Wauwatosa, Wl   
KlM DENNlS, Kelowna, BC
RACHEL SMlTH, Mission Viejo, CA   

TlSHlA MALONE, Coupeville, WA


I have never met Tishia...but given the other ladies in the group....just...yeah....

As for me, I shall be working on  my post surgery one rep max for a dead lift this week.  This morning I hit 145 on my bench.  I know it is small, but it's big for me.  Bench just, ugh....I can't seem to figure out this simple move.  Oh well...

My first goal?

Not to call everything a "post surgery max."

Next goal...I want to try to find a little time to work with some of the lifters and with Rocky at the new temporary gym.....they have a core group that does a bunch of power lifting and it might help with my shitty bench.

Next goal....start to throw a little again, I think I may just need to push through the pain I am having...Get over the "uncomfortable" part of it. I submitted my app for Pleasanton....I hope I get to go even though I have had this set back....

hmmmm, another goal?  Keep working out.  The desire to stop, give in, give up has been strong as I have written about before. I keep going...I need to keep going.

OH Hell....big news.

My bike is getting repaired!


This weekend I get to text the theory that you never forget how to ride a bike....we shall see.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

new work out

I think I may have found my new sport/fitness obsession!

This 1960s exercise book illustrates everything wrong with our pursuit of fitness

The "cheek reducer" one of the insane exercises featured in Debbie Drake's Easy Way to Perfect Figure and Glowing Health. Debbie Drake via Awful Library Books
The secret to the perfect body has been hiding in plain sight since 1961.

That's the year Debbie Drake's Easy Way to Perfect Figure and Glowing Health was published. In this glorious tome — which documents a fitness era that seems both antiquated and eerily familiar — "leggy, busty, 30-year-old Debbie Drake (38½-22½-36)" gives readers advice on how to do everything from slimming your thighs, to "reducing" your cheeks, and even exercising your hair.

Suck the fat out of those cheeks!

In one easy step, Debbie's amazing "cheek reducer" can give you a slimmer face without losing a pound. You just need to, er, suck really hard.


Flirt your way to slim legs!

Debbie shows readers that if you daintily kick your legs about in a sexy pose, while munching on carrots, you can slim your calves and thighs — all while flirting on the phone.

debbie 2

Don't forget to exercise your hair!

According to Debbie, "Massaging and brushing are forms of exercising the hair." Why would you do this? She claims this can stimulate hair growth, "improving the lustre and texture."

debbie 3

If you haven't had enough of Debbie's tips and tricks, check out The Debbie Drake Show. Launched in 1960, she'd take viewers through "the wonderful world of exercise to the land of slim, trim beauty."
According to Debbie — who also recorded an album called "Look Good! Feel Great! and How to Keep Your Husband Happy" — you can erase your double chin by simply stretching your neck, and her gentle contortions and deep breathing will take inches off your waist and thighs. Of course, weight loss doesn't work like that. Readers of this site should know by now, you can't target fat loss in a particular part of the body.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Much has changed since Debbie's heyday, but much has stayed the same. Gwyneth Paltrow recently promised readers of her website that they could lengthen their legs and grow inches taller by rolling around on foam. Too-many-webpages-to-count are dedicated to tips on how to achieve Kim Kardashian's ass.

Dr. Oz — arguably one of the most famous people in America — regularly features bunk concepts such as belly-fat busting and metabolism-boosting on his daily talk-show.

People keep selling this stuff because we keep buying it. It's good for business. If Debbie taught us anything, it's that we need to stop wasting our time and money on fake fixes.

Thanks Vox....I need to go pull my hair for 5x5 reps....or one pull at the top of every minute? or as many reps as possible?

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Been about two weeks since I saw the doc....

I am working out a little...harder?  Not sure that is the right about a little less cautiously?  Maybe that is more accurate.

Lots of people have asked me how recovery is coming along...

Here are some things I have noticed.

1.  I am not falling asleep while I am in the middle of another activity. Yes this was happening both before and post surgery.  The most disturbing incident?  Dozing off in Costo while pushing a cart.  Yeah.

2.  My groin still hurts a little....not a lot, but I am super "aware" of the sore spots.  This is clearly why I wasn't cleared for lower body stuff right away.  The first time I tried to dead lift....yeah.  I was AWARE.

3. I still occasionally have some chest pain.  It is weird and sometimes upsetting, so if you see me around and I look like I am rubbing my boob....there is a good chance my chest hurts.  I have decided that this is the burn spot healing, you know, like when you have a cut and it itches as it heals....I think the pain in my chest is my heart, itching.  Have NO IDEA if this is true, but that's my story and I am sticking to it.

4.  I am back to my obnoxious energy levels.  And it is a little annoying, well to other people.  I just realized this yesterday.  It's a good thing I think.

I haven't been writing much, I took on one of those month long gratitude challenges on FaceBook, so some things that I might put here are up on FaceBook.  And writing about my workouts feels weird right now.

Not sure why, it just does.

I am sure things will change again soon.....I know BJ is prepping a new space soon....Nooners may rise again.  I do miss the Zia crew. Bunches.

I'll say this, a month ago, I really didn't even want to work out any more.  I felt...lame...Now after a month I have upped it to 4 days a week, and I don't drag my ass to the gym as slowly as I had been.  5 AM is early, but Grant and I go and just do some work.

All this upper body work isn't giving me ripped arms or anything, but it is reminding me that I like to move weight around.  I like to move me around....shit I even use a treadmill for 5 minutes to get my blood moving.