Friday, June 8, 2012


As is typical for me, I decided yesterday to do the Whole 30 Challenge.  Much like when I did my first paleo challenge...last minute...jump in... see how it goes.   There is a BIG difference this time though....this is more of a reboot than a complete change.  I have let all sorts of things sneak into my diet...chiefly...SUGAR.

I eat too many "paleofied" deserts, too much chocolate, I am lazy about both rice and corn.  So here it month. Pierre and I talked about how it is the perfect time to reboot...grilling season for one thing...second thing?  all sorts of fruits! Not that winter glut of apple~banana~oranges.

Next jump?  I am gonna say this only because I don't think any of my theater peeps read this, but it looks like I am directing a play this year...details later since it isn't official yet, but some how these things seem related to me. I am pretty damn sure that if it were not for the Scottish games, that I would NOT even entertain the thought of directing.  Weird I know, but true.  I had a conversation with a lovely actress last night who told me she feels the same way I do about the similarities between athletic competition and performance.  The difference is that she was an athlete first and was surprised at how similar acting was to competition.... Nice to know I am not alone in this observation.

I did, in fact workout last night, even though there was no lifting involved.  Surprisingly, I got through the whole thing. I didn't run...again, the losing a lung thing, but I did row~ and I did 30 freaking burpees.

The fun moment for me last night, was when Will was going over the moves, which included weighted chin ups.  He looked at me and is the weight belt Mona...he just assumed I could do it.  Well sadly for me he is wrong.  When I said, I can't, there was no judgement at all.  Not even a look of, "really? you should be able too."  he just quietly said, "We'll get you there."  That's it.  I didn't feel small, or stupid, or lazy, or...most importantly, like less of an athlete.  The modifications he worked with me on were very small, very specific...and dammit if the chin up didn't feel almost feels they are possible. I really like how Will coaches...well, BJ too.  There is something super specific and very....hmmm...quiet perhaps is the right word...I am not sure yet.

I spent a lot of time watching one of the other women do her chin ups....she was really lovely...super strong, super fluid....

Last night felt different too, as I was working out, I suddenly felt comfortable in a different way.  I suddenly felt like it was ok for me to be there, that I wasn't some creeper butting in on these real athletes.

Blah blah...I know that is all my own crap coming out, but it felt lovely to let go of that last night...

I am still not well, but I am working out anyway...Once I feel better, it will be time to hit the weight training more.  As for today....Jerks, I always look forward to jerks....don't you?

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