Thursday, January 3, 2013

stupid cold

Missed Monday...why? My face was set to "drain" I missed my new programming...this cold is kicking me in the ass...

I did throw on Sunday.  That may have been a wore me out...but...but ...but...ah, heavy weight for distance...threw a a bit.  I blame all the stability work I have been doing.

So, here is the deal on yesterday...gym was packed again...very nice...and NOT resolution pack either...all the regular beautiful Zia Crossfit faces.  I warm up...and BJ hands me a list for the week.  I look at it and I think, "Is this in Klingon?"  Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT bad...but seriously there are 3 things on the list that I have never done...2 I have never heard of before. be a middle~aged athlete who never stepped in a gym as a young person..

So the workout for the night?

Box Squats~find my one rep max. So I am imagining all sorts of I stand on a box?  Do I stand in between boxes? 

Rack Pulls 5X5  What? Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

Ok, so BJ goes over what they really are..talks to me about the new set up for me,  heavy days, speed head is kinda foggy already...I'll get more details next week...I know that right now...I am still recovering from this goo in my chest and I am feeling uber lazy.

So...I go to the box squats.

105; 165; 215; 265; 295.

I was afraid to go higher because you can't really bail on the weight with a box squat. I'll tell you this..after lifting with kettle bells on my squats for 5 weeks...coming up out of the squats felt so much easier...well, until the 295.....

Then the Rack Pulls.


135; 225; 275; 315; 355

These are WEIRD...I felt like I was cheating...especially after having lifted with bands. 

Not sure how these work with my programing...probably something to do with finishing an explosive movement or something...I know too that once I feel better, I have to quit being such a ninny about the WODs...I need speed for throwing...I have to just do the work.

When I was done, I was surprisingly worn out...I worked for a little while on Push ups, but I had to get home and drink a hot toddy.

It was nice going last night...there were tons of folks there...I felt...less lonely when I left the gym. Even if I did leave feeling a little lame for bailing on the push ups and ring dips that were on the board.  But Hell, Marz bailed on those too, so I am in good company.

Zia also updated their website over the is really nice...there are blog posts, info on the coaches, tons of photos, and even testimonials! 

New Zia Site

One thing I have to do next week is add a day of throwing...I have to see what BJ's programming looks like first...but I will be throwing shit at my neighbors soon.

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