Monday, January 14, 2013

throwing and whatever.

Went to Albuquareque yesterday to, it was cold....but as usual it always warms up fast down there...I started in multiple coats, ended in a sweat shirt.

Tried to throw stones to start...they were....COLD....then I snapped my hand back so I wimped out and went to Weight for Distance.  Mostly standing throws...nothing special...throwing aobut 20 feet just standing, so that's good.  I still am avoiding the double spin with the heavy.  Don't know why...scared? Lazy?  Who knows. Hammer was nice...tossed the heavy over 66 feet...the light 78' 10".  Hammer felt a little chaotic...FINALLY! No boots~still.  Did I tell you, I got new blades, but they don't match the holes on the old boots.  So I gotta find new boots...I know it sounds like an easy fix, but...oh well...I'll fix it at some point.  I just don't know that I'll ever really figure the blades out.

Closing in on 80 feet felt....kinda great. Great feedback from Topper too. I spent a good chunk of the evening writing things down again, finding my old "throwing" notebook...I don't really know where I am if I don't keep track.

Set some goals on Friday with some of the ladies from Zia...I had a hard time coming up with gym goals...every physical focus is on my throwing right now. So I settled on a 400 pound Dead Lift. OOOF.

Said see ya later to my son on Saturday...and I had an awesome rehearsal and auditions as well.  No, not for me...looking at  completing the casting for Independence.

As I look back on the first week of this new programing...two things strike me..the first is that I actually did the whole thing...even the "WOD if time permits." Second, my butt butt hurts.  Lots of dead lifts, Romanian Deads, all sorts of "pulls" (which are dead lifts BJ...even if they have another name).

Can someone massage my ass?

I really think though, that the first program and now this one, have really helped my stability...and upped my strength. Even if Friday's WOD did almost kill me....a total of 45 deadlifts at my body weight triggered my "I hate myself for being big" voice...thankfully Matt Wyner was there to laugh at me and say...."being a heavy athlete is great!"

It is...I just hate when workouts call for body weight or percentage of body forces me to own it and I know I am very close to learning how not to whine about it...I start to hear the complaint come out of my mouth and I am starting to hate the sound of that more than I hate my body...progress...but I am sorry to complain at all...Some days it is harder than others to remember to be grateful I can move at all.


And I do so appreciate all those folks at the gym Friday who cheered me on, who pushed me to just pick up the bar and finish.

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