Friday, December 28, 2012

back to it

okie dokie...

For the last two days I have managed to oust sugar again, YIPPIE...I already feel better..except for the fact that I now have a cold. I have felt it coming for awhile, but had chosen to ignore it. Just worked out through it.

Wednesday...dead lifts. it is still 10% deload week.

3x5 135
3x3 180

yes, that looks is, but i was standing on the sled, banded. again, in the way he does, Will was obviously spying on me. I know I wrote last week about the small corrections he gave me, well, he gave me a little more tweeking...he did say it might not change my deadlift number so much, but it may change my clean...because it did his...and all of the corrections over the last two weeks...the lift felt different...even banded. Crazy that just lifting something off the floor can be so specific.

Then there was something else in back extensions maybe?


25 double unders (sub 50 singles)
20 Mountain climbers.
5 rounds
I thought when I looked at the board, "that doesn't look too bad." As soon as I think that, I know I am in trouble...UGH took me a little over 7 minutes.

Thursday...I went in at 6:30...AM..HA. On a little side note...I saw Phil...he is visiting from Undisputed for the week, so he can get his early morning crossfit on...It was a fun reminder of how I started. I still remember and appreciate the early months that I spent at Undisputed with Phil, he was instrumental in planting the seeds for a new voice in my head, "yes you can do this Mona...Just keep moving Mona..." the time he would spend sitting on the floor near me while I did burpees (sometimes crying).

Front Squats

3x5 165
3x3 175

oh, these felt good, light, low...not fast, cause with the kettle bells hanging off, I fall over if I go fast.

bench press

3x5 80
3x3 90

Yes banded.

Then 8 minute AMRAP

10 overhead squats
10 dumb bell push press
at 50% of your body weight....crap. there is that thing again...gotta own my big, right? Well, I couldn't...100 pound overhead squat? 10 reps? sigh. I did 75. I still struggled...a lot. I may have been affected by the pain I am having...or maybe I am just lazy.

I only did 2 full rounds. :)

Tried to get to the rowing clinic...but for multiple reasons it didn't happen. I also missed a lifting clinic with Jeremy Rutledge on Wednesday. Bummer.

Clean & jerks tonight...if this cold doesn't own me.

The biggest news...BJ is gonna change my training on Monday...I am both excited and a little scared. I am lucky to have such a smart...and slightly crazy trainer. Almost time for me to double down...I have a little more than 4 months to train. Gonna figure out when to add throwing to my day.

As for the medical news...the tests go back to my doc first..but the tech did tell me something I know she wasn't supposed masses. I thought it was funny...cause from my point of view, on my back ~on the table, I could see the sign over her shoulder, "Ultrasound tech cannot give you results." Perhaps she told me because we struck up a conversation about fitness...she is thinking of running a half marathon because she lost about 70 pounds over the last 3 years. I was telling her she should...even though running isn't for she is snapping internal photos of me, we talked about how individual both fitness and diet are for all of us...maybe that why she told me.

It's a load off, but I know it also means there isn't a clear reason for what's going on. Whatever...I am gonna throw on Sunday and I hope I'll feel better when I spin a hammer around my body...

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