Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Chuck's Fault

Threw heavy stuff this weekend and I do mean heavy stuff.  I have had a nemesis caber..RED.  It is a men's starter caber, but it is similar is size to the challenge caber we had in Pleasanton. Any time I have tried to tackle this one, I walk away bruised, or with a sliver, but with no turn.  I get better each time....the first time I tried, I couldn't even pick it.


 This weekend though, Grant brought the I had to give it another go. The first two tries, I had decent picks, but no turn....I wasn't gonna throw again, but then...because I had been a show off earlier...Grant came over and threw Red....without moving...Breamer style...

Dammit. Picked it, danced with it, turned it.  Ugly, like a 2:30, but I turned it.

Something was weird about me this weekend...I kept getting triggered....this weird super aggressive streak was just there...strong...and Chuck and Grant were NOT being very helpful...they were pushing my buttons.  Especially Chuck.  I have no idea why, but no one has ever pushed my cometitive buttons more than he does...NO ONE.  I don't know if it is what he says, how he says it, or the look he gives me....

I always bite.

This weekend, it was the 42 pound WOB.  I try and throw the 42 at least once because it makes me super aware of my form...I have to be patient with the pull because I know there is no way I can muscle that up with my little lady arms...I need my massive lady ass.  So I throw it...and I clear 11 feet.  Then he starts in on me...Ugh, I finally yell at him " it's your fault I am here at all, stop it"...but I bite anyway.  He bet me a pair of socks.

Not fair...I can't resist socks.

So....I have to clear 12 with the 42.  I take my first throw...guess what I hear?

"You had the height."

NO WAY....another throw....timing off...but I had the height again...third throw....I am outta gas.  Dammit this thing is heavy.  No go.  Chuck agrees to make it a standing next time we throw WOB...I am getting it.  I want those socks. Side benefit of throwing that heavy thing? I slow down...and I can get closer to the bar so that I am not wasting energy throwing both up and back.  Just to test it...I grab the old lady 21...the bar is at 19. I stand closer than I normally do, pop that thing and clear 19 with the first throw. Next time, I need to throw the 28, which is what I have to throw in May, at the "stuck in my head" height of 16' 6".

Sheaf this weekend is feeling more and more consistent...this weirdo new form of mine.

As for working out....yesterday was killer. I am all new levels of sore today from these last two days.  Seriously.

Good Morning, find a one rep max...
oh god.  When I got the bar loaded to 135, I looked at BJ and said..."This right here is what makes a heavy athlete, heavy."  I wasn't willing to fail on this lift so I stopped at 135, it was heavy, but good deep form.

Seated Dumb bell press.  UGH
got to 40.

Then 8x3 Rack pulls and Bench Press.
Rack pulls at 235, bench press at 95...with bands.

I know this doesn't sound like a lot when I type it all in...but geeeez I was spent.  I did spend time warming up and doing lots of mobility....cause I was sore from letting Chuck bait me.

Next weekend?  I gotta try out my new hammer blades.  Pierre thinks he saved my super cool purple boots.... Thanks! 


  1. Awesome blog. I'm glad I found it. Keep up the great training and perfomances, your an inspiration!

    P.S. I put your blog on my blog roll. Exellent blog, seriously.

    1. Aw..thanks! Can't wait to catch up on yours.