Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Start of week two....I am still feeling a little sick and frankly I am annoyed with myself that I am having a hard time finding a doctor...

Anyway...more I mean rack pulls....we adjusted these for my stupidly long legs, so I have to set up plates instead of pulling from the rack.  Had to find a 1 rep max.  Only got to 375.
Then I had to find a 1 rep on Push Press.

45, 95, 125, then I jumped to 160...I actually got it.  I had to talk to myself a lot on this I looked at the bar, all I was thinking was fast fast fast...don't push it up, throw it up.  I did...I was kinda thrilled.  Tried go. 

It's weird that I can push press so much when I can't seem to even clean this same amount right now... it must be in my head...also...if I push press 160, and it WAS a push press, NOT a jerk...I should be able to strict press more than 105...right?  and I should be able to Jerk at least 170..I must have some serious mental blocks about getting over head...and on the clean.


Freakin tired yesterday....they were filming snatches in the gym last night (quit your giggling), but I didn't stay...can't wait to see the video though.

Snatches...light....I am working on NOT power snatching.
Then dead I mean clean pulls.  At 110% of my 1 rep max....I looked at that and thought it was a typo...but I loaded the bar to 160....Will, in his Will like way, came up when I was done....suggested I slow down and fully reset between I get the clean I am not just doing dead lifts....I will do that!

Then I did back extensions and a bunch of hammer winds and foot work for Weight for distance.  I always start with a PVC pipe, like Grant showed me, then I move to a 15 pound Kettle bell.  It doesn't have the pull that a weight on a chain has, but it helps...last night though, I finished with the 15 pounder and decided to try some spins with the 14KG kettle Bell....dang it felt so heavy...but I got a couple of good spins in without getting all off, I should add that I suppose.

Today is my rest day....or recovery workout....Looks like I will be testing my hamstrings....Glute Ham raise (sounds like a sandwich) Sumo stance good mornings, weighted dips....wish it was a caramel dip.

Spoke with Marz after my lifting last night, we decided that the thing that sucks this week....putting away weights after lifting....

There is also a Strongman competition in Durango soon....hmmmm.

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