Thursday, January 10, 2013

tricky plans and steroids

Wednesday was my "recovery workout" day.


No it was fine...There just happened to be an additional little piece added to the day. I had to find my one rep max on an incline Dumb Bell Press..I might be saying that wrong.  Well whatever it was, I started doing it incorrectly....but BJ showed me the right way to do it and I jumped by 10 pounds.  I ended at 50 pounds....tried 55 twice, but all I got was a bruise on my shoulder.  It was almost my face....Velda was there, she saw it...I almost dropped a 55 pound dumb bell on my face. 


I am a little scared about the workout I have avoided looking at what the night holds for me. on to the steroids.  Those of you who read this or are my friends on Facebook, know that Pierre likes to harass me about being on steroids....especially if I have an angry moment.  I think he is teasing, but who knows...I thought he was jealous....grrrr.  Well, I was wrong....I had an AH HA moment about this issue.

Pierre is on steroids.  Seriously...ask him.  Pierre is on steroids...They are for a back injury but whatever, I am vindicated~

Ok, so I thought I would update my games list for 2013...Much of this is fantasy, since I am not very flush with cash right now, but whatever.  A heavy athlete can dream, can't she?

San Antonio  April 6 & 7
Las Vegas      April 20 & 21
Iron Thistle   April  28 & 29
Rio Grande    May   18 &19
Lehi                June 8 & 9
Valkyrie          July 6
Elizabeth CO  July 20
Highlands       August 10 & 11
Pleasanton      Sept 1
Santa Fe         Sept 21 & 22
Aztec              Oct  5 & 6
Celtober          Oct 19 & 20 (?)
Tucson           Nov  9 & 10 (?)

There is one more the end of July, but they are invitational so...blah. Well...that's a lot.  I guess I'll just see what I can do. 

First I have to replace my knee band.


  1. Two types of steroids: corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. If he's on cortisone or prednisone, those are corticosteroids, not anabolic (muscle building type). Teresa Merrick

  2. Oh I know...he just is unrelenting in his teasing...I had to poke back!