Tuesday, January 8, 2013

max effort...

Wheeee, I got the last 6 weeks of my revised strength programming last made more sense than the first time...didn't quite feel like I was reading Kilngon.

Or perhaps..I am now Klingon?


Anyway...the next 6 weeks...I cannot look to far ahead in the programming for fear of psyching myself out...this is really one of those one day at a time things.  A different structure for the lifting, more Olyimpic lifts...testing one rep maxes on certain lifts every two weeks....and a boat load of speed lifting.  Like clean pulls, rack pulls, DB snatches..that kind of thing.

I know it is because I don't believe much in myself these days, but BJ said this thing about the programming that sorta works for me...I have 2 max days.  Huh..I thought to myself..."that I can do."

Weird little mind game huh?  Like I am incapable of giving my max every time I am in the gym?  I know that isn't really true, but if this little game I play with myself works...well so be it.

There is also a lot of "blank space" on a couple of the "assistance" days...oh my...a level of trust to me that I will know what I need to work on...or know the work that is missing for me and how to choose it.  He also put throwing drills in there...don't know why, but that tickled me.

Ok so last night...a MAX day...holy freaking hell...he wasn't kidding.

1 Rep Max Box squat.
135, 205, 255, 300...

yes...300, 5 more pounds than the same lift last week.  Huge shout out to Marz, not sure I would have hit that last lift with out his Marz, You don't DON'T suck at supporting other athletes, sorry. 

1 Rep Max incline Bench..ugh

65, 85, 95, 110

yeah..well, whatever.  I was happy. 10 pounds more than last week.

Then...these were a little weird but Deads and Presses...for speed...but they were singles.  I think the point was clean form and fast to the top of the lift.

So 15x1: I decided to go at these at 50% of 1 rep Max

deads at 185
press at 55

The deads felt hard at the end...Press, I would add 5  or 10 the next time they come up.  It is interesting to do dead lifts with no bands and all the corrections Will gave me...they feel very different....Like I am getting fully open at the top of the lift...didn't know I could get that open.

The the WOD

100 Double Unders
15 Burpees.

Sigh..right at the end of the first set of of the handles flew off my rope...I have had that rope a while...grrr.  And well one my knee support things tore too.

The burpees didn't feel too burpees go...for a heavy athlete...with asthma...

When I got home, I thought...I really did leave it all at the gym.  I haven't in a while, for what ever felt good to know I did last night.

Today is Snatches  and some throwing day at a time....

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