Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More later.....

I am overwhelmed today.  I am not sure I have ever been this sore post games.  I clearly need to take a look at what I am doing post games and adjust it.  I am not young and this weekend served as an amazing reminder.

BUT..I at least promised the numbers, right?

Well...I did not do what I had hoped....I did not improve every throw.

The worst thing~the throw I didn't improve?  Fucking stone...I have been drilling that hard in the gym....sigh.

Ok  as a reminder:

Last year:
Braemer  23'2" (they have HUGE stones)
Open       25'4"
HWFD    29'3"
LWFD    55'4"
HH         56'10.5"
LH          75'5.75"
WOB      15'  (of course)

This year:
Braemer  22'2" Really? A FOOT drop?
Open       26'6"  Whee  Really? a foot?  :)
HWFD    45'9"  Yeah don't get too excited, it's with the 21....still I think its a PR
LWFD    61'10" Not bad, not a PR, but happy when it's over 60.
HH         64'  Not bad improvement from last year (not a PR)
LH          85'6"  On my first throw and the first throw of the day!
WOB      19'2"  Hit the bar at 20....but there was an issue...more on that snafu later...(21)

AND caber....holy moly....on day 2 the challenge caber was light but crazy long, I was the only master to turn it...ugly, but I turned it. The championship caber? yikes 85ish pounds like 17 feet?  something stupid.  Our judge says to me," you qualified to try, you sure you want to?" hmmmm no...I said ok, "once."  Well...I picked it...dropped it....he said, "come on, one more?"  SO I did...Picked it off my shoulder....maybe 25 or 30 degrees.....I acted like I got a 12.  I didn't care I tossed it!
Tried again, but picked and dropped,  But hell, I hung in there with the young women.  Thing that helped me the most?  Adriene yelling at me from the side telling me I can do it.  Love her...really do.

Here it is~sideways...but I don't know how to change this sort of thing...

Challenge caber

I might write again later today or tomorrow...but I have 2 auditions tomorrow and this old woman has lines to learn.

I really understand why some people consider this the end of the season.  I am worn out, spent, tired, sore.

Not sure I wanna throw again this year.

Over all....such a thrill to be asked to throw in these games.....they have a new trophy for the Master's Women, so we were part of the closing ceremony.  WOW....yeah that horse track was FULL~the Mass band thing was...AMAZING.  Think if I get asked back, I'll always stay for that. 

On a personal note, I was missing my dad this weekend.....odd.

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