Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goals and a neck they are, my numbers from the Santa Fe Games in 2012

Braemer         21'6"   (it's a 17 pound stone...ugh)
Open              28'2"   (11lbs)
Light WD       59'3"
HH                 63'11"
Sheaf             22"

Oh, big sheaf that day...won't beat that one.  Notice Heavy WFD and WOB are missing....why? yes I threw Master's last year which is with the 21....will be throwing the 28 in Santa Fe this year.

These are good numbers, about what I am throwing now.....Not sure I'll actually be able to improve. I will try not to beat myself up about that. As for the heavies?  Yeah, I am shooting for high 30's and would be GREAT to finally get that 16' is a monkey on my back.  It's been there well over a year.

Part of that fear thing that I was talking about in the last blog.

Worked out Monday....

Just some hammer work...WFD foot work....then some back squats. This is insane, but I was so freaking happy to be under a bar.  It is so bizarre to me, I felt all sorts of better with a heavy (well, not all that heavy) bar on my back.  I went light.

3X5  95 135 185
3X3  185 205  205

The 205 felt so heavy, but that's ok....I was worn out, sore, and had been gone a week.....well, almost two weeks when you factor in the time for the trip to Pleasanton as well.

On another topic~I had some work done on my neck by Dan. 


I had an epiphany while on the table.  I was struggling....I was dealing with my heart racing a bit while I was on the table....and for whatever reason, I could not tolerate my face in the face cradle was freaking me out. Well, Dan....just goes with it.  He started at my feet.  Lots on my feet, my calves, my glutes.

He then gets into my right shoulder.  I was in pain....I felt pain....did I say it hurt?  I stayed with him.  I trust him...he stayed with me....

When he finished...he had not touched my neck.

He had not "worked on my neck." 

I said to Dan, "I am so used to having 'my neck pain' but I don't think this is about my neck.  I think other things go wrong and I assume it is my neck..."

He assured me, "the neck hurts....but starts somewhere else...and we only touched it today."

I am some how gonna come up with the cash and see him again next week...cause for the first time in months, as I sit here and type this silly blog...I am pain free....

Some how...I know this is tied to fear.

Did I mention? I am not in pain....

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