Monday, September 9, 2013

blah blah break today I get to go back to the gym....but of course it is a crazy busy day.  Gonna be a squat day so who am I to say no to that?

Vivi starts her acting class again her schedule in the gym is shifting too....I may have to start hitting noon classes again.

I did go throw yesterday.  Guess what happened?  I tweeked my back.

How you ask? Oh let me share the joys of being a mid-life-crisis-athlete.

I go out in the field to shag hammers before I throw...a doozie comes at me and I zig with my feet and zag with my upper body.

Yeah...hurt my back standing in the field.


It's fine today...just sore and yes I am still a little sore in my neck, but I get to have the Magic Hands of one Mr. Dan Piburn on me tomorrow.  Wheeeee!!!  I didn't really throw all that much, never even picked up a heavy hammer....but I threw a little...and didn't die.

I have a confession to make, I have done something really dumb this morning....

Team Challenge

I already have 3 games through November, but I have never done a team challenge...I am a curious sort...and I woke up this morning with this on my mind.  So I signed up.

Yeah, I know in my last blog I think I said I wasn't even gonna do the games I had already signed up for....

What is WRONG with me???

Ok 4 more games this year....I'd like to figure out my goals for each of these...I may just pull last years numbers, much like I did for Pleasanton....just see if I can beat myself from last year.  I am also only throwing Open Master's Class in these final games.  I had some sort of reason and I can't really remember if it was a decent reason or not....something about my final ranking in  NASGA.  I had this idea that I wanted to finish in the top 25 when the year was all finished.

Not sure it really matters any more...given both my health and emotional struggles at the moment. Hell, maybe it never really mattered...I mean, it was only an arbitrary number I gave to myself.

Got to do some more thinking about my training too...I mean, I came no where near the goals I had set for myself this year, yet I did make small gains within the structure of the heart troubles I had this year.  So maybe that ain't too shabby....

I think my biggest struggle with throwing and training is really fear....  couple of other things too....maybe it's time I deal with those fear issues before I start trying to train for Scotland.

Stupid head.

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