Wednesday, September 25, 2013

doctor updates.

Have I mentioned before how much I love each and everyone one of the people on my "try to keep Mona Healthy" team?

Y'all know about the folks at Zia....first on the list in someways because they require my full participation.  They can't do squat unless I get my ass in the gym.  They can't do squat if I don't give it a real effort.  They are there...they help me out, but it really is in my court.

Y'all also know how I feel about Chuck and Grant pushing me to train...same sorta stuff as with Zia...I gotta do the work.

Then there is Dan Piburn.
I gotta show up, but all I do is lay on his table....and well, breathe....Love how he works these old muscles.

And Paul Scott....I know I have written a boat load about him too....saved me from shutting my whole physical self down and packing it in.  That is NOT an exaggeration.

Today I shall sing the praises of my regular doc....yeah the old western medicine sort....I freaking love her.  Well, she is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine  so, western, but more.  She has also helped me with my neck...she does these adjustment things...hard to describe and I know to some folks it doesn't feel like she does anything....micro movement sorts of stuff.  Makes a huge difference to me and my bones.

So today I saw her for my "annual" which isn't really annual any more...I think it's like every 3 years now?  ANYWAY...I also needed to talk to her about my knee and my shoulder.  Yeah, that weird bulging spot on my right knee that keeps sliding out and just aches and the shoulder...I have not talked about this yet, but my right shoulder...aches.  I can throw, but I can't really press overhead any more....So Dr. Musgrave moves me..and moves me, and moves the joints....and get this...she is HONEST with me.  She doesn't really understand what is happening to the knee.  What is clear is that it is NOT the joint. She thinks it might be my hamstring being over worked and possible tendinitis.  Her "prescription"....better warm ups and focus on that in the gym for a while.  Shoulder....again, not serious and she says definitely not the rotator's the acromioclavicular joint,  possible tendinitis due to over use...ha yeah.

She said we can do injections into the joint to release it, but given what I do and my sport, she tells me, "I can do injections, but I would rather you see an Orthopedic Surgeon, because I want you to have the best result." 

See why I like her?  She then tells and maybe some physical therapy....mobility exercises...may be enough, so call if that doesn't work and I'll get you a referral. 

I mention my recent weight gain...and with a straight face she says, "I'm not worried, you are under a lot of stress right now, but you are active and all your vitals are fine. You'll work it out and be fine."

Wow...thanks....I am not just a BMI.

I still feel like a chubby chubbikins....but the lack of patronizing and the respect was very cool.

So now what?

Gotta call Paul, have him play with the shoulder....and I gotta make that appointment we all love....time for some boobie smashing.

and I really want some cheesecake....sad isn't it?

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