Tuesday, August 20, 2013

time to ramble.

So, one thing I didn't post about last week because I was being a huge ninny emotionally was working out.  Yeah...working out...

Last week I actually did 2 crossfit workouts.  See, BJ and I had a conversation about the training that is coming down the pike for me and the affect this health crap has had on my ability to train this year...He said something I really didn't wanna hear...I gotta add the conditioning aspect back in~in  a big way.  Frankly, I am still nervous about the heart stuff when I am in the gym and somedays are worse than others.  I decided since I had 3 weeks til Pleasanton that I would do a couple of the CrossFit workouts.  Turns out I did the couple that were lifting sue me...I also didn't work out much because of the damage I did to the knee in Denver. 

So the work outs?  a bear complex thing....which I struggled with because of the aching post competition shoulder, and something called a "Squat Party"  which looked easier on the white board than it was....and was a shit load of reps in the end.  Yeah...HELLO knee....

This week, I am back to the pregames programming...which means Back Squat Monday:

3x5  95, 135, 185

I decided I felt ok and my knee felt ok, but I was afraid to push it so I started the next set light.

3X3  205   Oh...yeah not bad.
         235   Oh   well... that's heavy...maybe I should do two sets at this weight....
         270  Yeah...why? I looked at my training log and it has been a loooooong time since I lifted this heavy on a set of three...all that can happen is I dump the bar, right? or blow my knee?

Down up down up down up....they were kinda ugly....pushed up with my back a little....didn't trust my legs to come up with enough power.  But I did them.  I stood there for a bit...wondering if my chest was gonna stop, or if I'd have to ask one of the EMT's in the gym to save my ass...but, came down.  I also remembered that lifting just feels like that...duh....

I also did a boatload of drills...hammer, stone, and WFD footwork.

Less than two weeks and I have a HUGE game in Pleasanton.  I did these games last year.  They are a 2 day games and they are tough...tough...tough and fun and beautiful and exciting. being stupid (or silly) last year. 

Throwing has been odd and challenging and disappointing this I decided to find my numbers from the games last year....see if I can focus on simply beating some of these numbers and letting go of all of those lofty goals I had last year, before I got sick, before the separation, before fear tried to take hold.

So here they are from last year...this way I am accountable to you and myself to post my numbers in two weeks or so.

Braemer  23'2" (they have HUGE stones)
Open       25'4"
HWFD    29'3"
LWFD    55'4"
HH         56'10.5"
LH          75'5.75"
WOB      15'  (of course)

These are sorta a high pressure I'd like to see if I can learn to use the crowd to push my throws instead of shying away from the crowd, the attention. let go of this self punishing attitude I seem to have about my throwing this summer.

You know just a few short months ago in goal was to be able to simply FINISH a game with out ending up in the hospital.  I have thrown well.  Not great, but well....I have learned how to manage the heart stuff on the field and I know my technique in some events has also seen improvement. 

Would I speak to any other thrower the way I talk to myself? even.....

So....yeah....I've done ok this year, especially given some of the challenges placed before me.  I have worked on letting go of fear on the field....and good stuff.

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