Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bitch is tired.

Ok here is my further analysis of my experience at Pleasanton.

Bitch is tired.

I haven't even pulled or LOOKED at photos on my camera.

I haven't cleaned out my games bag.

I realized something really cool though.....I left it all on the field.  I am spent.  So my big decision for the week?  Not hitting the gym.

Yup, I have dragged this kitty out again...I shall be resting and repairing until Sunday when I will hopefully be in a better place physically to throw.  Then the gym will be mine. 


I also need to dial in my food....I have been a mess when it comes to what I put in my mouth (stop giggling).  Today started with a bang, until I bought a piece of cheese cake.  I feel especially chubby...oh well.

Got this from a dear friend~

I will be....nope.... I am.....

Now, back to the couch, and the foam roller, and the lacrosse balls, and real food....yeah...

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