Monday, September 16, 2013

Sorry and thank you

I wanna apologize...I have been letting the events of the last few months cloud my ability to be positive and grateful....

I thought I was..but I realized that when I post something that to me sounds or feels like a step forward or a positive growth thinggy, and I get comments that tell me I'll be ok or don't be so hard on yourself...that what I think is me writing positively clearly isn't!  I'm trying really! lauighing....

and here is something cute....

Ok on that stupid note...

About a year ago, it just so happens, during the Santa Fe Games, I had a couple of amazing things happen.

I had only been with Zia CrossFit for a few months.  As the games started I realized that there were a whole crew of Zia folks who came out to see what I was always talking about in the gym.  Some of them I had only really worked out with a few times.

This sort of support for me and for others in the gym has been unflagging.  I have spent the year since in a strength program, then back to Crossfit, then backing off due to heart issues and now feeling almost ready to hit something hard again. 


Through all of these changes, BJ and Will have always shown support for what I do and  they have pushed me gently during the health issues.  Encouraging me to come lift in the corner, never worried that I might let a hammer fly in the gym, trying to get me to be less afraid.

It isn't just BJ and Will and Travis and Mark either...I think that the atmosphere that they create spills over all of us.  In the past year...a good number of people have become certified in both Crossfit and by USAW, I have seen people try new things, weightlifting competitions, triathlons, shooting, paintball, swimming challenges, throwing heavy stuff,  a few even took the fire fighter's test, beer runs, even bowling (which I missed~SIGH)...and yea...I am probably forgetting a bunch. 

Anyway, where is this rambling headed? 

I am thankful you have allowed me to be a part of your gym, that you have invested your time and energy into me and my unusual sport.

I am throwing in Santa Fe this weekend and I hope that I can make Zia proud of the work I have been able to do, in large part because of the hard work and inspiration of the entire community in my crazy gym.

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