Thursday, September 19, 2013

Santa Fe

oh we are again, two days away from the Santa Fe games...

so...a reminder to myself...trying to meet or beat last years numbers, which could be pretty tough, I was throwing well at this point last year...although I was nursing a slightly damaged knee.

Braemer         21'6"   (it's a 17 pound stone...ugh)
Open              28'2"   (11lbs)
Light WD       59'3"
HH                 63'11"
Sheaf             22"

WOB & Heavy WFD will be with the 28 so you know, I am chasing the same goals I always seem to chase. 

Unlike last year, with were the "dusty celtic games" these may be the "muddy celtic games." Training leading up to these games has been sketchy at best....the week after Pleasanton...nothing at all, last week...super light and I basically wanted to quit every lift....this week, Monday started out well, I was able to get Back Squats in at 275...but Tuesday was...well...a challenging evening...I let myself feel super small and cowered in a corner so to speak, and never went to the gym....yesterday...went to the gym, worked on throwing things, but I had body work in the afternoon and I was not really feeling like I should lift.

And food?

Good god, I was joking with Dan yesterday while I was on his table, that it didn't seem to matter what emotion has come up lately they are all either celebrated or stuffed down with crappy food. 

I know better, I really do.  I know I am the one stuffing my face...yet there I go.  I always start the day well...Funny too, I know somewhere deep down that if I was really fueling my body well, I could handle the chaos in my life much better...

Just not doing it right now. 

I hate feeling like a chubbikins, wondering if my kilt will even fit. 

The good, non-whiney stuff?  There are gonna be a couple of folks from the gym throwing...a cool cool crew of ladies coming in from Arizona to check out our laid back games...and one of my favorite throwers who is on a break from the games is gonna come and watch.  Who knows, it might get her to throw again.

And Hell Sarah Bronner bought a kilt....wheee!

Best conversation of the week?

me: so you got a PR?

Vivi: yeah.

Me: dead lift?

Vivi: all of them...

Me: what?

Vivi: (sigh) all of them mom...

Me: ok cool....I didn't know that.

Santa Fe Games & Ren Fair

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