Tuesday, December 18, 2012

little night

Hit the gym after multiple cancellations yesterday....the piece that Rod and I built, will not be happening.  The organizers of BINGO needed a break.  I also needed to cancel a party I was going to....I just needed to be home.   I did meet with two of my actors for Buried Child yesterday and I am meeting with two more today. 

I really wanted to do BINGO, but I must say I am not sad about having my nights back.  I really hope we can do this has been a very cool process.

Last Night:
Back squat
3x3  190
3X1 210


Push press

3X3  107.5
3X1  117.5

Then Farmer carry up and back the legnth of the gym 3 times
         30 Double unders

5 rounds

I subbed double single unders...I also decided to use 55 pound dumb bells....then thought, oh hell, just use the 60.  I hands cramped up good!!  But I am glad I pushed myself~ I really didn't want to be there, but I felt better that I had gone.  Both BJ and Pam were checking up on me...they seemed to be extra gentle with everyone in their gym last night.  I really appreciated that.

Had a great night when I went home....had everyone home around the dinner table.  We ended up mostly on the floor last night, pillow fights, tickling fights, watching the Jets implode, drinking hot chocolate~

As for today:

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