Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bands and expectations.

Oh my, the whole week has been super spicy. I am super sore. After tonight's fingers on my left hand did not feel like pinky? Um. Could not feel it. BUT, BUT, BUT....that passed really fast. The work out was super fun...loved working with my friend Sarah.


Front Squats

3x5 175.....banded...these were good. Really really hard. I would pull the bar off the rack, the kettle bells would sway, but I was able to take a really deep breath...and somehow....regain stability quickly. I also was really really happy with the depth of my squats. I don't know why, but the crazy bands make me even more aware of the quality of my squats.

3x3 190

The biggest struggle on these? Doing the math....haha! Kidding...I got back to that place of wondering if I was gonna have a stroke on the final set.

Bench Press

Banded.....these are so very weird.

3x5 85
3x3 100

These are really starting to pose a challenge now....just getting the weight into place with the bands is hard. When I complete the reps? The noise the bar makes is scary....the bands snap the bar down....yikes! I sorta forced Sarah to try these....something about needing her to know how they feel..makes me feel less...weird? Odd? Maybe?

10 minute AMRAP

5 hang cleans with a push press
5 knees to elbows

I still don't quite get the knees to elbows thing....I kinda made a shaky choice about this...I bet I can do them...but I thought that if I really did them all.....I would have done 2 I didn't really push myself on these...lame....but .....I don't know....choices are choices and I wanted to keep lots of cleans.....

I did 9 rounds....finished the cleans and got 1 knees to elbows....

Hands...and forearms....HELLO!

The next week is crazy....I have managed to quadruple book myself on nearly every day....but all of the work involved is thrilling really.

My boy came home today too....the first two times he has come home, it has been challenging....not numb hands challenging....but, yeah. I am hoping for a smoother visit....I know that lots of this is tied to expectations. expectations for the expectations for how my body should behave or expectations for....oh hell.....all sorts of things. I guess it's time for me to look at what these let them go....again...

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