Tuesday, December 11, 2012

not just me....

Here is a blog I follow...and no, it isn't just me....

Pretty Strong

Lat night's workout was great.  Awesome.  Fantastic. 

I am gonna put the numbers on the page, but they probably won't accurately reflect the magnitude of the workout.

Back Squats

3X5 185
3X3 205

Yes these were the dangly kettle bell style back squats.  I discovered last night that I cannot do these quickly, the weight from the swaying bells nearly tipped me over.  oops!  I did get super low though...been focusing on that...


3x5  67.5
3X3 77.5

5 rounds of:
2 front squats at 90% of 1 rep max  (I did 185~dangly style)
as many "dynamic" push ups as possible

The Front squats were not quite 90%..but I was using the Kettle Bells...and that is about my max.  The push ups made me have T~Rex arms.

I only got 47 push ups...from my yeah....still, I ended a ball....on the floor.....

The cool thing that I have noticed recently is that it takes me much less time to recover. I don't feel completely wasted today....I am "looking forward" to the banded deadlifts today.  I know that  a year ago, after a competition, I used to take a couple of days off..I don't do that any more....I had a lifting competition on Sunday...but I was itchy to get to the gym yesterday.  I'm giving credit to BJ's programing...

I realized about a week before the lifting competition, that it had been a year ago that I had my first real conversation with BJ and Will.  It was at a lifting competition at Inner Strength.  I was there watching my friend Patty lift and I saw BJ and Will and a very pregnant LeAnn....I remember this so well, because even though I was not part of their gym...BJ had remembered me from Boxtober Fest and had actually remember that I was a Scottish Athlete.  He even emailed me some information he had on the sport. 

I certainly didn't imagine that I would be switching gyms at that point....but looking back it sort of makes sense doesn't it? 

I really appreciate all of the time and attention you guys have given me since I came to Zia...and thanks for putting up with my giggling and my self doubts.  You really have made me feel welcome and part of the Zia family.

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