Monday, December 3, 2012

4 projects at a time.

Super cool week for me this week.  Most of you know I have multiple projects happening in 2013, but the super cool thing about this week...the next 7 days....I am working on every single one of them.


I have meetings, rehearsals, first read throughs....very cool..

So here they are:

Rod and I are rehearsing a short piece for the next Meow/Wolf Bingo...a shout out to BJ for supporting this piece and letting us rehearse in the gym. This actually happens this month...not 2013. SOON!

I have some rehearsals and a first reading(and costume measurements) for this~

Squeeeee......Nice ad huh?  Lisa P rocks....(why is my name so huge?)

I have a meeting for Independence....that will be happening in June....we have a space and rights and some energy to get it up...yippie!

Then the last piece...I am gonna be acting in, but we don't have rights or a I am not gonna say what it is...just that I will be working with Rod and Vanessa to find a place and get cracking...

And I did throw this weekend...It had been a month...yikes....and I shall be putting all the destabilizing things on my weights this week. Oh and a competition too...and Vivi?

She is being urged to join the track and field team at school..She is actually willing to try it (just to throw)..and is gonna go back to acting class...hmmm.

Should be an interesting week.

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