Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Am I wishing or doing?

  "Intention is not like wishful thinking, which is abstract, vague, passive, and diffused. Intention is like an arrow flying toward a target. Intention lays claim to your creative expression and establishes the foundation of your dreams."

A little repost for today...but it is actually a big repost for me.  I need to reread this and reread this over the next few months. 

I have some big goals in mind for myself and for whatever reason I am feeling a little paralyzed by either the goals themselves, the work involved, or perhaps my own fears....

not sure.

As for the workout last night...I wanna send a little shout out to Will. He gave me a little correction that made a huge difference in my lift.  The *way* he does these things though...I love his style.

"Mona, do you always use such a wide grip."

"yeah, my stupid legs are so long, I have a hard time getting them out of the way of the bar."

"Well, its a shorter distance to lift if your arms are not so is what I do." (he shows me) "Try it, if you want, it might feel weird though."

So interesting...never a "you are doing that wrong" a "why are you doing that."  Just a simple, this is what I see, this is something I works for me...try it. 

The rest of the workout...holy jesus...why?  150 push ups.  I suck at push ups. I think....I think I am actually afraid of push ups. I will get a little better at them~then I inevitable get worse and super sucky.  At this point...I think it is in my head.

stupid brain.

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