Thursday, December 20, 2012

staying calm

I wondered if I should write about this at all, and then I remembered...oh right, this is my is about me...a middle aged Celtic athlete and my struggles with my body, my art, my relationship to being a mom....riiiight......

I know I have mentioned on here before about how I can sometimes panic about the cancer thing for no reason other than I am approaching the age at which my Father died.  Well, both of my older sisters have had lots of struggles with tumors....both uterine and ovarian.  I have been, thus far, blessedly free. 

Well...had been.

I have FINALLY made an appointment with the doc for next week....cause ladies....things are weird and dare I say, wrong.  Something is up and I suppose that just like the working out thing...when it is time to finally take must take action.

The weirdest thing?  I am calm about this.  I sorta know it is no big deal...there are a variety of things that it could turn out to be as well as a variety of ways to be treated.

The funny thing? As I was imagining certain roads this may take me down....I got super cranky at the thought that if surgery ends up being on the table...that I could miss the games in May that I have been working so hard to train for...."if that ends up happening, I wonder if I could put it off 'til June." Really?  That is what you are worried about? It's not...oh no don't worry, it won't be surgery, you are blowing this out of, it is ...I might miss a game.

That's funny.

I guess we all have our ways of looking at things sideways, right?

As for training?

Dangly Front Squats and Banded Bend Press today...oh, maybe all the bands will make my lady parts fall out....


  1. Mona -

    I dealt with lady parts gone horribly wrong two Septembers ago. You are wise to go in and get it checked out. AND, IF you have to have surgery for something, then maybe they WILL work with you and wait...depending on what it is.

    I was lucky, and my nasties - though large and making me incredibly ill - were not cancerous. I felt like a new person once they were taken out.

    Blessed thoughts going out to you, my friend. I hope all will be well for you. :)

    - Monica

  2. I'm a little behind on your story, but better now in the "off-season". Plan on going to MWC unless you are confined to bed (or unconscious or dead), just adjust your performance expectations based on how your training and other run-up goes. Teresa M/Bellevue, NE