Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Early in the week

So, as I was driving down one of the busier streets in Santa Fe, I was asked a series of questions by my little girl. Well, once you hear the questions, she won't seem so little anymore.

1. Mom, how do you define religion?

2. Why do people have religions?

3. How do you define god?

The conversation ended with Vivi saying to me, "I am glad I came with you today."

All of this while trying to make left hand turns into oncoming traffic.

I also went to the doc yesterday.  She checked out the knee, since it is still super cranky.  She made that joint move in all sorts of funny ways...pushing~pressing~twisting.....She said that the ligaments are not torn, but there is a strain.   Given how much she manipulated the joint....I am confident she knows what the hell she is doing.  So...more ice...since it is still swelling and some goofy exercise to strengthen the inner quad.  I personally think that the 3 sets of 5 rep 260 pound back squats I did yesterday should be enough, but I'll do the goofy thing too.

Games coming up this weekend in Aztec~ goal...not to get hurt.

I got hurt in Aztec last year.  Tore muscles in the middle of my back....lots of that was due to poor training practices and the stresses I was under at the time. Thankfully, all sorts of things in my life have changed since then.

I think after Tucson...I may write up some outrageous throwing goals for next year....see if I can hit any of them.

OH~ I start teaching this week too!  Just as a sub for 6 weeks...but I get to teach acting to kids....wish me luck.  I am hoping this puts me on a new road..I know it is a lot to ask from a subbing job...but each change starts with one step, right?

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