Thursday, October 11, 2012

old broken pieces of beauty

Last night I got an email from a dear friend that contained images of some art work, sculptures of horses made of drift wood.

As I scrolled through the images of the work, I teared up and it was not until this morning that I got a better handle on why.  As a little girl, like most little girls, I loved horses.....wanted anything that had anything to do with horses.  Growing up in a 'burb outside Chicago, I never really got to spend anytime around these animals, but hell; I would have if I could. I would have BEEN a horse if I could have....I think lots of little girls are drawn to not only the grace, but the power....

Anyway....this morning I realized that the sculptures, made from discarded materials moved me so much because that is me..over the last few year, I have been gathering the discarded pieces of who I was, or who I could have been and re-imagining my sense of, not only beauty, but my power as well.

I don't think the sender of the images knew how much this would mean to me, but then again, perhaps he does....he is wise that way.

As for working out?  I am dying during these last two weeks of this lifting program...jeez. I feel weaker than ever, even though I know I am not.

Last night was Push Press, Dead Lifts, Shoulder Presses, and weighted back extensions...the back extensions left my arms bruised.  A 45 pound plate cradled to my chest...ugh. And the lifts?  I swear every time I finished a set, I had to tell myself..go back to the bar, it will be worth it later.

Monday was  Snatches, Back Squats, Bench Press, Good Mornings and Grip work....

The gym is closed as I type this I am trying to figure out if I have enough in me to jump back to the gym and skip my rest day.

I think I need another cup of coffee.

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