Tuesday, October 30, 2012

65's and 30

I looked at the Zia Crossfit web site yesterday...and even though I knew it was coming...there it was....slapping me in the face.... ONE REP MAX DAY.

Front Squat
Bench Press
Dead Lifts

I am not really sure how to approach this day.  I am also feeling great pressure to "perform"  as lots of folks have supported me through the lifting program and some have even said..I can't wait to see your numbers.  Tired from the previous week, sore from practice on Sunday...not sure what to think.  I know the numbers are just numbers and that the only pressure should be inner...I also hear the words I have said to others,

"Some days, you just can't pr and that's ok!"

Then a number pops in my head. 


Go for 65 Mona.

I hit the Front Squat....I feel kinda lonely lifting....the boys who are lifting are putting up bigger numbers than I and the ladies...well they are shorter than I, by a lot, so I lift alone.

I get the bar to 235..Good clean lift..  Ok 30 from the goal...I load it it up, get the bar on my chest. I can't hold it.  Dang.  I try it again, this time I get down, but I don't get back up.  I leave it alone.

It is still a pr by 30 pounds...(in 12 weeks)...and it isn't a lift that I worked all.

Bench Press.

3 lifts, then I load to 165.  I get it, but I ask BJ (already knowing the answer) I wasn't low enough, was I?  I think he hated to say it...but he  I do it again...and I do it.  I think for a minute...add 10, add have deads still.


Get it to what I think is 355...holy hell I fought for it...BJ comes over and said you got your goal on two of the lifts huh? 10 short.  No...its at 365. and my bad lifting math.  I did get it.
I load the bar to was a number that Will had thrown out to me months ago...thought it would be fun to try but, As BJ says sometimes..."someone turned on the magnet"  The bar did not budge. 

So...I shot for 65.  I got it in two.  Made a 30 pound jump in 2 of the lifts...lifts that I have not been working on very much.  In the last week, I have tested 5 maxes!

Back squat    225 to 305
Push Press    125 to 155
Front squat   205 to 235
Bench Press 115 to 165
Dead lift       335 to 365

I think I may  just take the rest of the week off.... 

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