Friday, September 28, 2012

Conversation of the week.

Me:  Why won't you look at me this morning?

Vivi: You are disgusting.

Me:  Oh, really? Sorry.

Vivi: (Turns away because she is laughing.)

Me: What?

Vivi:  You are gross.

Me: Ok. (I burp)

Vivi:  Really?  (laughs uncontrollably)

Sometimes, I love my mornings.

I lifted some stuff last night too.

Press  (UGH)

2x5 45
1x5 70
1x3 90
1x2 110 Nope, didn't get this up. way...not happening.
3x5  95 Slow painful, supposed to be 135..ha ha ha.

Dead Lifts

2x5 125
1x3 190
1x2 270
1x3 320  Supposed to be 5...but as BJ said...he turned the magnets in the floor back on so I couldn't get it off the floor.

Push Press

2x5 45
1x5 70 
1x3 90
1x2 110
2x3 135  I actually got these working sets!  The last time I worked this lift, I was unable to do sets of 2....I could not lower the bar to my chest.  Last night I did! I was kinda happy about that. Even though I absolutely did not want to go back to the bar after the first set.  I did, so there it is.

Finished the night with 35 pound back extensions.....  over all a good night.  I am tired, but it felt like a good working evening.

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