Friday, October 12, 2012

art and rewards.

Hot damn I had and interesting day yesterday and most of it had absolutely NOTHING to do with working out....but I am gonna start with the numbers first:

Back Squats
2x5  45
1x5  120
1x3  180  This felt heavy, with no rest day I was skeptical about going much higher.
1x2  240 This felt easier than the 180,  please explain this to me?

The working sets...I am still removing 10% They are supposed to be 2x5 at 305

2x3 275...yes I am proud of that number...don't care if it came up short in reps...I won't move up in weight the next time I squat.

Final set...I only got 1...I felt my spinal cord ripping from my spine...then I went outside and nearly puked.  It's a lot for me...

Bench Press

2x5  45
1x5  75
1x3  120 
1x2  135....oh baby.

2x5  150...I had pulled the 10% off my bench, but I decided to see if I could do it...I got 4 on the first set 5 on the second...shocked myself.  Will was spotting and really good at reminding me of all the little stuff I need to do as I lift.  The final set?  I bailed...but Will said it was something he did to get the weight up that messed me up...not sure I believe that...but I rested, set up, and did another 5.

Crush work and Good Mornings too..

I have precisely 3 days left of this lifting program..I don't think it is time to look at what worked for me yet...but I have started thinking about a reward for sticking with this thing that has made me want to cry, puke, scream, and wonder how to pop my eyeball back into my face.

Beer?  Whiskey?  Bacon?

No...I just scheduled a massage with my favorite body worker...sigh....although my trainers at Zia may need a bottle of whiskey for putting up with me. 

Now, in the morning, before all of this lifting, I had an amazing work session for a short piece I am working on for god, I left my partner in crime so excited.  This idea of having to be either athlete or actor...hee hee hee....the piece is both, is gonna be so fun to work on...we have text pinned loosely down, so we will really start to play the next time we rehearse. 

Very excited..can you tell?

Then in the afternoon, I taught two acting classes!  The first class, the kids were super sleepy and I never really pulled them out of it, but the second class was really fun.   Working with them on the idea of subtext.  I made them take it really far~outragious subtext~then bring it in.

Also very exciting.

This weekend?  I get to see my will be short...and I am sure it will go by too fast and I will probably not even see him much!

Ah..I can't wait for that massage.....

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