Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The three most important things I learned in Aztec, New Mexico.

1. In some circles, the smell of Ben Gay is enticing.

2. Having a group of hard core athletes referred to as "Mona's People" all day is...quite amusing.

3. If I were to use the 56 pound vagina would simply fall out. (according to Patty Williams)

Yes...these are some of the lessons....but the biggest lesson I learned was how much laughter moves me from dark places. I laughed more than I thought possible since I wrote the last blog and, it turns out, I threw pretty well.  The night before I wrote down my goals as I usually do...cutting them down to the low end of what I usually throw.  Partially due to my emotional state, partially due to my growing nerves about having "Mona's People"  watching.

We started on Sheaf....really? Sheaf.....As per usual, I threw sheaf for distance, but something clicked and holy crap, if I didn't end on a PR.  22' 6"

HWF~ first throw felt good...and I had to ask the judge twice what he said when he called out the measurement...46'  HUH?  Really?  BJ was thrilled for me, so was I...that is a 5 foot pr.

LWD ~ um...I finally cracked the 60 foot mark, 63'4"

Crazy to me that the first 3 events were PRs.

I threw well the rest of the day too...Low 70's for light hammer, low 60's for heavy...I have some speed work to do, if I am to reach my goal numbers for next year.  My WOB was a little disappointing....went from 16 to 19 feet...and I hit the dang bar...A couple folks thought it went, but it slid under...I want 19...the standard just stayed at 19...mocking me for most of the afternoon.  No really, I am fine with it...I know it was a good throw.  If they have the 21 in Tucson, I'll try again. If they have the 28..I am gonna start chasing the 16'6".

It was something else to have all the Zia folks there...watching and throwing.  I kept trying to explain to them how much it meant to have them there, but I ended up just sort of babbling.  It's ok...I think they know.

When I went to the gym last night~they had put up a new poster....Shannon Harnett throwing WOB.


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