Thursday, November 1, 2012

weekend Goals

Final games of the season....

hmmm....goals?  I always try to go in with some goals....

1. Eat sushi

2. Stay cool (it's supposed to be in the eighties!)

3. Keep the knee healthy.

4. Don't make an ass of myself.

5. Get in a hot tub.

6. Have a birthday party.

7. Try not to fall down to much.

8. Come home safely.

9. Don't make an ass of myself.

10.  Oh right....Throwing!!  I am not too sure how my body will feel by Saturday...I am tired and kinda maxed out. I am hoping that the lifting will transfer into my throwing, but I am kinda thinking it won't since I have not really been doing any throwing drills.

I am gonna throw my blades back on for the hammer.  I have not been using them in games...too many dust based fields! I really do want to learn how to use them.

Ok..I don't have stone goals...the stones are too random in weight...I would say...I wanna be consistent and not fall down.  Same for caber...Be nice not to break a collar bone.
Sheaf                  20-23
Heavy Hammer  60+
Light Hammer    70+
HWD                  44~46
LWD                   60+
WOB                   19(21) or 16'6" (28)

11. Laugh

12. Dance

13. Enjoy my physical self.

14. Be grateful for this entire season of throwing. (HA! I have a 'season')

15 Don't make an ass of myself....oh never mind...gonna make an ass of myself, no one I will with this weekend even cares if I make an ass of myself....

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