Wednesday, September 5, 2012

back to the gym.

Last night..

People at Zia we so sweet to me last is so great to feel supported.  As I have been looking at photos, I am very pleased that you can see the Zia patch on my kilt....I know there is a measurable impact from the training into my throwing.  Beyond that there is a respect for what I am doing that makes me know~they know how important this is to me...even if it is an unusual persuit.


Back to the program...backed in the last week I lifted.

Bench Press
Romanian Dead Lifts
Crush work

Something is not clicking in my cleans any more....I am dropping a significant amount of weight and I can't seem to get under the bar after I get to about 125...I think maybe tonight I'll just work drills with a PVC or something.  I thought maybe I was just tired...but when I hit the bench I was able to do some heavy (for me) presses...

oh well.

Seems like everything is about form....something is freaking me out about the clean...

I have 3 games left this year...I still can't believe I threw so much this year.

Santa Fe  Sept 22
Aztec NM  Oct 6
Tucson AZ  Nov 3

Busy Fall....Kim may just talk me into the Boxtober competition too....  I know things are about to shift back toward my artistic life....I hope I am able to balance all this work out.  I know I still have my long range goal on my at home.

I guess I can think of that silly poster...what am I going to do today that will get me closer?

cleans...I can work on fixing my clean.

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