Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Saturday, at the end of the competition....when I finished open stone....I was coming around the athletes area when an older gentleman I have never seen waved me over.  He had a big fancy camera and said that he had taken some shots of me that he thought I should see. 

uh I in trouble?  what the hell did he catch on film?

He had taken a series of high speed photos of my final open stone first I wasn't sure it was me.  I mean really, why would this guy take photos....It is not one of my best events.  I struggle to stay low until I throw...struggle as usual with my hip...blah blah blah.  What I saw surprised me...I stayed low...I popped that could really see it in these photos...and the throw he caught on film was over 28 feet...with that nearly 12 pound stone.  I have never thrown that particular stone that far..and there it was ...on film....

Kinda cool to see.  Cooler still was that this man took the time to show it too me.  It was really touching.  Then he sent me over the edge.

He said,  "It is great so see athletes work...."  he was talking

So last night..I went back at it. The weights I mean.  I wanted to test my knee.

Back Squat
2x5 45  these feel GOOD!
1x5 110
1x3 165
1x2  220  I was scared when I put this on the bar....the new TK knee band things are really great though...make me more aware of my form.

2x5 250  I am still working on the 10% reduction thing so this was supposed to be 280.  These were...ok...well for my knee.  I did think my heart might pop out of my ribs...

Final set was only 3.  I felt great though....knee is so much better...still crabby~not stabby.

Bench Press

2x5 45
1x5 70
1x3 95
1x2 125  ooof
2x5 140  I started the first set strong, but dropped the bar too quickly to recover it.  Did 4 in the final set..and again...I think my left eye popped out of my head.

Looks like I might be dropping the 10% on the bench press too. 

Another game in 2 weeks....and some of the folks from Zia are coming up to is gonna be a rowdy good time!

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