Monday, September 24, 2012

love songs

So, driving somewhere recently, I heard a song on the la la...I would die for la la...

I thought to myself, "I have heard that before in songs...over and over and over in fact."

When did dying for someone become the test of the depth of your love for a person?  Was it Shakespeare?  Can I blame him?  Probably older than that.....

I think I can come up with at least 10 or 15 circumstances in which I might give my life for someone that I don't even know...I mean really...can't you? 

Things I would NOT do for a stranger:

1. Get up at 5AM to make sure they have clean clothes for work.

2. Start their coffee, even though you don't drink coffee.

3. Iron a canvas Kilt

4. Suffer though yet another hot sweaty Celtic festival.

5. Gently remind them to eat better.

6. Know when they have had a shitty week and even though it isn't healthy, make a cake and hand them a glass of whiskey.

7. Start a pillow fight.

8. Heat up a bath towel in the dryer on the first really cold day of Fall.

9. Know that they are awesome, even when they don't know it themselves.....

I guess no one wants to hear love songs about coffee in the morning though.


  1. Practical every day love isn't the stuff of sonnets or songs, but it is what you remember most as you age together. It is that sweet knowing smile between two souls that have lived their whole lives in love with the same person, and know just what to do to make their chosen mate happy. It endures where the stuff of songs falls far short.