Thursday, September 20, 2012

supple or not....

Dammit....somebody buy me this book....


Never mind...I think I may buy a case and pass them out.  (dreamland folks~dream land.)

So, knee was feeling quite sore, but not stabby and I knew I needed a day off from my attempts at lifting with the crabby knee.  I spent about an hour and a half going through videos on Mobility WOD at the suggestion of Will..yeah, well, yes I was at work, but the boss wasn't in's ok?  right?

I wrote down a list of I think about 10 or 12 mobility things about the knee....which just so you know, cause I didn't, really means a crap ton of mobility work on the ankle and the hip...not really the knee itself.  I really like the info they have...mainly because it requires you to be the responsible one.  You need to be thoughtful about your own body.

I was kinda proud of myself, (ugh I know how that sounds) for digging into this info for myself....for coming up with my own plan.  I did not depend on someone else to come up with this piece for me...I hurt my damned self...I need to fix it.  Now...I was pointed in the right direction by my coaches... :)


I spent a full hour doing mobility...nothing else.

First thing I learned...this shit takes patience!  2 minute holds on each of these moves is a whole lot longer than it sounds...

Second thing....this shit works.

The knee feels better...not great...but I can squat again.  I also made my own "voodoo bands" when I got home....Bike tubes!

I did lift on Tuesday; Bench Press and Cleans.  The cleans were power cleans cause squatting hurts and I only went to 115. The Bench Press is coming along for me...3x5 at one rep max when I started was yea.....

I will lift light today and do the throwing drills that BJ gave me....Friday is rest and eating sushi in preparation for the games on Saturday.

mmmm sushi...and mobility...mmmm

In case you have some free time on Sat...

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  1. Mobility WOD is a life saver. Good on ya for sticking it out for that work, keep it up.