Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Forks and such.

Working out seems to be difficult this week, last week too...Lots of school stuff, NDI, mom stuff...all really great stuff, funny though, that these games I have signed up for are headed my way and I feel super unprepared. Next week?  Two graduations are added.  Wow....I keep having this memory of the midwife putting Kegan on my chest, looking up at Pierre and saying,"what the hell do we do now?"

 As for my workouts?  On Saturday I threw for HWFD, LWFD, Light hammer, Stones, and sheaf. I think I figured out what is happening in my hammer, but I have no idea how to fix it. I seem to have developed a fear of the speed coming around the second turn, so I pull my arms in.  I am not keeping my arms straight as the hammer comes over my head..there is something chaotic about it....which mimics a bit of the chaos I feel in my life right I hold the hammer in, instead of letting it fly. Not really sure how to let go of this...I wonder if I should just let myself fall, so that I am reminded to simply get back up.  'Cause really~falling isn't so's getting up that counts.  I also seem to be struggling with my foot work on the Weight for Distance... AGAIN?  fear of the trig. Worked out yesterday at a friends house, lots of Bench Press work and some back squats and some cleans. Nothing heavy...working on speed.  This summer, I'll hit the power sections of Matt's Training.

See this photo?  yes...its the start of my very own fork.  Yes....Pierre carved my Highland games nick name into the handle....yes it is adorable.....It will take a while to finish it as the tines are dull and too thick, but it was super sweet...the only thing sweeter were the notes I got from the kids for Mother's Day. Now, I gotta see if I can make it to the gym this week....and it I can throw ANYTHING decent this Sunday at the Rio Grande games.  Maybe I'll fall over a lot...that would be the best.

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