Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pieces I miss...

Last night, I was able to be an actor for a while. I guess it hasn't been that long, but when I spend time away from my artistic self, I get super~duper nervous when I get back at it. Mind you, this was a READING for a Directing Workshop, not high level stuff here; I had to read two scenes, both from very well known scripts, in both, I played men.

Keep your giggling down please.

It doesn't really matter in some ways, since both of these scripts deal with the humanity of these gender matters not. I got to work with Leslie Dillon as well, so yea....very cool. The workshop is taught by Peter Kershaw...also very cool.

It's funny, I took this break from acting so I could focus on getting the big monkey off to college...and when I did that I found the Scottish games as a *replacement*. I didn't intend for that to just showed up. So, as the monkey moves on this summer...I find myself wondering how to manage both theater and the games. I know I have shared this with a couple of people, but one of the things that has knocked me on my ass so to speak, is just how similar these two activities are...and how similar the people I care to be near are as well.

When I throw...just as when I act, I need to have my basic work under my belt...but in order to either throw well or have a scene work...I have to let go of the work and simply be present in the moment in which it is or sport. This description is oversimplified of course, but it captures the basic idea. As for the artists I prefer to work with, they are much like the athletes I am throwing with....we all know that if we hold each other up to do the best work we can...that EVERYONE can push past what they thought they could do. It is not about outshining someone is about respecting the art or the sport, so that we are all made better for it.

I miss acting....

As for today's workout:
 Push Presses:
45lbs x 10
65lbs x 10
85lbs; 3x5


85lbs x 10
190lbs. 3x5
And...good mornings 45 lb bar 3x10


a little Sheaf,  Stones, Light weight for foot work has fallen apart 5 single turns, 10 Full throws and well, a little work with the PVC.

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