Friday, May 4, 2012

New stuff!

Had such a great night Thursday night...well, I did have a little too much wine and I ate the demon cheese from Trader Joe's, but it was great to hang out with some of the artists in my life.

So, yesterday I did something in the gym I have never done, no laughing. Seriously, no laughing. I have never bench pressed.

Done laughing yet? Good.

I know I am a big girl.... A lifter...but the gym I was very first gym...did not use this move, did not even have benches. So, I must say I was excited to give this move a try. I already know that moves that look simple never are. I think that is why I like lifting so reminds me of my acting work. The best actors make it look so easy.

So 3x3 bench press.

Started with a bar.
Then 75, 105, then 115 only 2 reps.

Not much I know, but I guess it's a good a place to start as any.

I am gonna work the form on this sucker too...where does the bar drop? How do I hold the bar? Blah blah.

After the bench press...deads, pushups, and kettle bells.

I love dead lifts. My big butt loves deads.

Today... I am gonna throw my pretty new sheaf bag...and my hammer..

And my last new thing for the weekend? The NDI gala. So excited to see my boy dance for the last time during the "Big Show" hopefully I don't cry. Too much....

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