Thursday, May 17, 2012

Schedule for Rio Grande

Ok, so some of you have asked...well...WHEN do you throw?

So, here is the schedule.  Now just to be clear this is always subject to change...depending on the number of athletes, the speed of the throwing, the need for food and bathroom breaks...blah blah blah.

Women's Open Class Sunday May 20th

9          Heavy Weight for Distance
9:30   Light Weight for Distance
10:15 Breamer Stone
11      SHEAF

1        CABER
2:15  Weight over Bar
3:15  Heavy Hammer
4        Light Hammer

There we have it.  I don't have the list athletes yet and I might not know until I am on the field anyway.

The other classes throwing on Sunday are Men's A & C and Light weight men, Light weight Women and under 17.   

Kegan was gonna throw but he backed out...something about needing time to rehearse.  Probably true since he is in two shows right now.

Last night was super nice.  Had a crazy dumbbell workout which seems super beneficial for my grip, especially since some of the numbness has been sneaking back into my extremities.  I am not happy about that at all...sorta scares me frankly...I know I could probably use a little more attention on my neck.  Mobility in the C7 relieves that stupid stenosis. I am much more aware of the numbness and the loss of grip than I ever was, simply because I have such amazing body work that made it disappear.  Or maybe made it just me aware of what I was feeling (and not feeling) in the first place.  I swear, I cannot and will not give in to that original diagnosis.   So...time to look at what I am doing that is not helping. 

Did a bunch of Cleans, Back Squats, and Push Presses...Mostly at 50 %.  BJ was great helping me out with the cleans.  He gave me this correction that I am sure will shoot my max higher.  I was not getting my elbows up as high as I could by relying on my wrist flexibility...this was pulling my forward just a little bit.  When I pulled my elbows up...I could actually feel my back respond differently...keeping me more upright, so much so that it pulled me off of my feet a little.  Generated just that much more power.  Crazy huh?  

Later, I threw things at my neighbors again~one of them came out and asked if I wanted his shot put...  I told him about the games and I am hoping he will come down to ABQ this weekend.  He threw in both High School and College so.... yea.... he should.  He said the next time he sees me out his kitchen window, he'll come throw with me!  I also showed a couple of ladies sheaf last night...One of them, Rebecah,is a dancer...and holy shit she can throw!  Same as my kid...something about getting those hips engaged huh? 

It was really great to be outside last night too....throwing, watching my girl ride around on her scooter avoiding the hammer, watching the sunset....

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