Friday, May 11, 2012

riding out the year....

Ugh..I feel so nervous when I think about this ... and then sometimes, I hit this really calm place.  I am coming up on an anniversary~next week are my first repeat games!  I have been doing more specific training for a little more than a month now, thanks to Matt Vincent and a couple of other folks....but I wonder how much it will translate into my throws.  I obviously psyched myself out in Oklahoma and I really don't wanna do that "at home."

One do we put so much emphasis on dates and anniversaries~marking time, progress, failures, growth, changes.  Most of the time, if I am super honest, "things" don't really change all that much...not the important things...the core of who we are kinds of things.

Sheeseh..I am still the insecure jumble of athlete I was at this point last year...a giggling brute is what someone called me after the Rio Grande games last year. I just know more about how to throw~I am not necessarily better..I just have a slightly better understanding if what I am doing wrong now, which is a good thing.  There are so many, too many other things that have changed for me to even get into.

Lists are no fun anyway.

There is an endless amount to keep learning...about throwing, about how *I* throw, about training...again, it is so much like my art...endless possibilities to grow.

I really love this sport and I hope lots of you will come and watch...not me...but all of these folks...especially the Master's Groups on Saturday.  Well, I guess I won't mind if you watch me for a little bit (I throw on Sunday)...see me outside of CrossFit, outside of a theater, and yes, outside of my comfort zone...still...

Rio Grande Celtic Fest

If you do come down...bring me a beer?  It gets hot.

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  1. so excited to see you and i love your blog!! thank you for sharing your inspiring self!! xo